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2022 Program Dates

Student Arrival: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Student Departure: Saturday, July 23, 2022

*Please note that housing is provided for the exact dates of the program. If a student wishes to arrive earlier or depart later, the student will need to find their own accommodations.

Program Summary

Summer in Athens combines classroom study of the language, history, literature, politics, art, and culture of Greece with activities and field trips to introduce students to all aspects of Greek life. Special emphasis is placed on visiting and exploring significant monuments and historical sites, not only in Athens but also in other regions of Greece. Field trips, cultural activities, and guest lectures constitute an integral component of the program, and students are expected to attend and actively participate in all of them.

"It is by far the best academic study abroad program I have ever been on. The faculty and staff are truly so invested and care so much about Athens and the materials we studied that it is truly inspiring."

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Pananoramic view of Athens, Acropolis and sea in background

Application Deadlines

Rolling Admission: April 30

Pending Space Availability

Contact Us

NYU Global Programs


t: (212) 998-4433

f: (212) 995-4103

Program Director

Helen L. Theodoratou
Clinical Professor and Director of Program in Hellenic Studies

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Fees, Housing and International Insurance are required, and these rates are set by NYU.

Program Costs

Undergraduate Tuition - 8 credits


Undergraduate Registration Fees - 8 credits


Graduate Tuition - 4 credits


Graduate Registration Fees - 4 credits

Academic Flat Fee



Program & Activities Fee


GeoBlue International Health Insurance

for 6 week program



Double Room (includes daily breakfast)


PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for purchase of transportation to/from program location. All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing.

Students are encouraged to budget for summer abroad programs based on individual needs. Additional resources for planning are available on the Additional Costs and Financial Assistance pages.

The Karyatides statues at The Acropolis

View of The Acropolis

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Approaching modern Hellenic society and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, Summer in Athens provides students with an appreciation of the history of modern Greek language and literature and an understanding of how the Greeks have borne their classical, Byzantine, and Ottoman historical and political experiences, even as they translate them into the modern era. Local artists, scholars, and politicians often give presentations and lectures in class, enriching the academic and cultural experience.

Classes are held at the NYU academic facility in Athens, conveniently located in the Kolonaki neighborhood and within close walking distance to student housing. The surrounding area is active, with many cafes, restaurants, cinemas, stores, and opportunities to enjoy one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Student excursion in Athens

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Undergraduate Courses

All undergraduate students must register for 8 credits.

Graduate Course

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Housing and Meals

All students participating in the program are required to live in NYU-provided housing. Students stay in double room occupancy at a modern, air-conditioned hotel situated in the central and fashionable Kolonaki district. Breakfast, linens, and a daily room cleaning service are provided. Students will not have access to a kitchen, but do have access to refrigerators in their rooms. Other hotel amenities include a roof garden with pool.

View of the mountains

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The program's included trips and excursions are designed to encourage students to discover and experience modern Greece through the various lenses of its rich history. Activities may include walking tours of Athens, visits to monuments and museums, evening outings to dramatic and musical performances, and a half-day trip to Attica's beautiful coastline and Poseidon's temple at Cape Sounion. Weekend trips may include the royal tombs of Mycenae, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and the volcanic Cycladic island of Santorini. This year's program may also include a visit to the island of Crete, known not only for its historical and archaeological importance but also for its geophysical uniqueness and breathtaking beauty.

Excursions may also include the impressive medieval settlement of Mystras, the capital of Byzantine Greece, and the imposing Byzantine-Venetian fortified towns in mountainous Arcadia in the Peloponnese. There may also be organized visits to significant sites of modern Greek history, including Nafplion, the capital of the Greek state after the 1821 War of Independence and a city known for its beautiful examples of 19th-century neoclassical architecture. All these sites offer the unique opportunity for long walks, hiking, and exploration.

Students in Delphi

Students at the beach

Student hike on Mt. Lycabettus

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Planning Travel to Athens

Students are encouraged to consult internal and external resources to prepare for their summer program. The following links may be used for general destination information, immigration needs and travel medicine planning:


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Helen L. Theodoratou

Helen L. Theodoratou
Ph.D., Pittsburgh
Clinical Professor and Director of Program in Hellenic Studies
Director of CAS Summer in Athens

Olga Taxidou

Olga Taxidou
Ph.D., University of Edinburgh
Professor of Drama
Department of English Literature, University of Edinburgh
Associate Dean, Scottish Universities International Summer School

Eleftheria Astrinaki

Eleftheria Astrinaki
M.F.A., Columbia University
Filmmaker, Visiting Assistant Professor
Program in Hellenic Studies at NYU

Anna E. Venetsanos
M.A., New York University
Language Lecturer
Program in Hellenic Studies at NYU

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Photo Gallery

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

A museum in Athens

Students on a hike in Mycenae

Seaside view of Santorini

Student with dog in Crete

Students at Sougia Beach

A boat in Lesvos

A temple in Athens

Student trip in Athens

Falassarna Elafonisi Beach

Students in a cave in Mycenae

Student dinner at Cape Sounio

View of Cape Sounio

View of Crete

Inside the Delphi Archaeological Museum

Students swimming

A view of the ocean

Students posing by the sea

Summer in Athens Welcome Dinner

Sunset over Molyvos Mythimna

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Student Testimonials

  • "This study abroad program is unlike any other ... This trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and words cannot describe how grateful I am for that."
  • "What a wonderful time I've had here in Greece. This program is unlike any other I have experienced from the fantastic professors to the fun trips and excursions, and not to mention Liana's incredible enthusiasm."
  • "This trip has been such an amazing experience for me. Not only have I learned so much about Greece and had the chance to see some of the art and architecture that I have studied about for so long but I have also made so many great friends since I've been here. I cannot tell you what these last six weeks have meant to me. I've enjoyed every second of my trip."
  • "Most amazing summer of my life. The faculty and staff put so much effort into making this program so incredible. I'm recommending to all my friends."
  • "Every instructor in this program is spectacular - they make the material we are working with come alive. "
  • "I developed a passion for Greece and Hellenic Studies because of the passion the professors exude...The faculty on this trip love their country so much, and it rubbed off on my fellow students and me. Without them, Athens would be Athens. But because of them and their instruction and guidance, Athens became the most incredible place on Earth this summer."
  • "This program is so packed with fresh insight into Greece that one can't help but feel awed by everything around them...There are magical moments that spring out of the love the faculty in the program have for what they are doing, and for their students...This is a program for the students, for the experiences they want to have and are open to, and everything else is icing on the cake."
  • "Amazing experience surrounded by amazing and passionate professors that inspire love of learning."
  • "A program unlike any other, fully integrated into the city's heartbeat, by combining the tangible museums and sites with the intangible mythological and real, historical narrative of the people."
  • “I have had the most amazing summer of my life in Greece! The country is beautiful and the experience is absolutely amazing. The land is ... rich with history, and the staff are angels. This should be a semester long program.”
  • “I learned about the city of Athens, the history of Greece, its culture, and its language, in ways I could never have done without the program. I had such an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone.”
  • “Simply amazing! The ancient Agora, the Kerameikos, the Acropolis, the site of Delphi, Crete, dozens of museums…All in six weeks! Yes, it is intense, but I loved it. I learned so much in such a short time, as well as enjoying every minute of it.” 

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20 Years of NYU in Athens