CAS Summer Abroad Creativity Contest

During their summer abroad, student encounter a variety of sights, cultures, and people. Each year participants in the CAS Summer Study Abroad programs are encouraged to enter our annual creativity contest. Winners and runner-ups are post weekly on the NYU CAS Instagram.

First Place Winner: Caroline To - "Golden Valley"

Golden Valley

Second Place Winner: Jasmine Lucy - "A Mystery"

London Eye, Jasmine Lucy's "A Mystery"

Third Place Winner: Phoebe O'Neill - "Picnic in the Tuileries Garden"


Runner-up #1

Runner-up #1: Cameron Myers

Runner-up #2

Runner-up #2: Erica Nesbet

2017 Creativity Contest Winners

Sunset over the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Shushu Chen

2017 First Place Winner

Students on a hike in Spain

Emma Quong

2017 Second Place Winner

Neighborhood in Lisbon

Matt Dickason

2017 Third Place Winner

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