The NYU Buenos Aires Summer Language Intensive is a great opportunity for students seeking an immersive experience with the Spanish language. A cohort of students will be taking the same Intensive Intermediate course, one where out of class co-curricular activities are an integral part of your learning.

In addition to making progress toward their academic goals and fulfilling language requirements, in this immersive program students will explore  the ​post-colonial legacies, the fusion of Old Europe and originary indigenous American identities, and the mix of immigrant cultures in one of the Global South’s biggest port cities​. The mild winter in May and June is ideal for students seeking direct immersive engagement opportunities with the local community in this vibrant Latin American capital city.

Students will also have the opportunity to appreciate the natural and cultural richness of the country  through a trip to Iguazú falls, included in this program.


Program Dates

Student Arrival: Monday, May 20, 2024
Student Departure: Tuesday, July 2, 2024

*Please note that housing is provided for the exact dates of the program. If a student wishes to arrive earlier or depart later, the student will need to find their own accommodations.


This 6-credit SPAN UA 9020 Intermediate Intensive course is the equivalent of one year of intermediate Spanish and  fulfills the language requirement for NYU College of Art and Sciences.

You will improve and refine your  knowledge of the Spanish language through a curriculum emphasizing Argentinian arts and culture, history, literature, gender issues, and various topics relating to the economy and lifestyle. Student experience will be enriched beyond the classroom.

The course includes class sessions dedicated to specific objectives in language learning that are enhanced by and can be delivered in site visits, via excursions and local interlocutors. These site visits interface pedagogically with the lesson plans and syllabus objectives. The city itself is part of your classroom.


Classroom meetings and through immersive activities in the city:

Monday through Friday,  — (NOTE: Observed local holidays - no class - Monday, June 17 & Thursday, June 20.)  

  • Morning: 9:30 am  to 10:30 am &  10:45 am to 12:45 pm
  • Afternoon:  1:45 pm to 3:05 pm — Primarily co-curricular activities outside of the classroom
Additonal Opportunities

Enrolling in a 2-credit arts-related course is also possible for students interested in earning a total of 8 credits.

students in class

plaza in Buenos Aires


Tuition, housing and international insurance are required, and these rates are set by NYU.

This chart uses undergraduate tuition and fees for the NYU College of Arts and Science.

Program Tuition 2024
8 credits $14,752
7 credits

6 credits

5 credits
4 credits

GeoBlue International Health Insurance

covers the duration of the academic program, including internship commitments



Housing Costs 2024
Homestay single $1,978

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Living in an Argentine household is an integral part of this immersive academic experience. Living with a local host provides a unique opportunity to experience Argentinian life as a local and becoming immersed in the way of life as experienced by Argentinians themselves, while also increasing your exposure to the language and giving you invaluable daily practice.

The program includes class sessions dedicated to specific objectives in language learning that are enhanced by and can be delivered in site visits, via excursions and local interlocutors. Planned co-curricular activities will help students engage with local communities via field trips and visits to non-governmental organizations. These site visits interface pedagogically with the lesson plans and syllabus objectives.

student in homestay

lecture in Buenos AIres

Many of the following activities are integrated as part of the class curriculum:
  • Visits to city historical landmarks, such as Palacio Barolo, a historic café, Colón Theater, or the Botanical Garden.
  • Spanish exchange activity with local university English language students.
  • An Indigenous Language Workshop (Guaraní – the indigenous language)
  • Visits to museums: National Fine Arts Museum, MALBA, Xul Solar, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Immigration, or Centro Cultural Recoleta.
  • Participate in a community service project
  • Visit to The Parque de la Memoria – Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism.  
  • Guest speakers on feminism and on indigenous languages.
    • Luciana Peker (Feminism/Politics)
    •  Gabriela Lapalma (Indigenous languages)
  • Attend a theater performance
The program also offers an exciting set of visits and excursions outside of central Buenos Aires and other areas of Argentina, and may include:
  • Afro-Argentine Heritage Walking Tour.
  • Day trip to San Isidro and Villa Ocampo: traditional neighborhood in the outskirts with a cultural museum.
  • Overnight trip - Iguazú Falls: World famous Iguazú shows off its extensive falls straddling Argentina and Brazil within a tropical rainforest region containing the greatest biodiversity.

How to Participate


Use the online tool and submit your interest in enrolling at NYU Buenos Aires for the Summer Session. Then you will be able to designate that you wish to be considered for the Language Intensive Program and respond to program specific questions.


In addition to being approved to enroll at NYU Buenos Aires, students must meet at least one of the following language prerequisites to be approved to enroll for this program:

  • Completion of a sequence of college level courses at the beginner/elementary level to prepare for intermediate language instruction. At NYU this includes NYU SPAN-UA 2 (Spanish for Beginners, Level 2), or SPAN-UA 10 (Intensive Elementary Spanish), or equivalent coursework.
  • A score of 39-46 on the NYU College of Arts and Science Language Placement exam taken within the last 18 months, or equivalent at the home college/university.

Contact Info

NYU Global Programs

383 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

Email: Global Programs

Phone: (212) 998-4433


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