returning to nyc

Are you returning from spending time away from your home campus?  Review these quick tips to learn about resources available to you as you transition back.

1. Give us your feedback – Are you returning to NYU Washington Square?  If so, contact the Office of Global Programs to let us know about your experience, we actually listen and would love to hear from you.  If you're returning to your home campus outside of New York, check in with your local Global Programs or Study Away office to reconnect and share your stories.

2. Give back – Become a Global Peer Mentor and work with the New York Global Programs office to share the benefits and adventures of study away with new groups of students. By promoting your experiences, you help to shape the opportunities of other students. For more information and to sign up, please contact

3. Share your story – Share your blog, photos, videos, etc with our office, with other students, and with your friends and family. If you choose to connect with the Office of Global Programs, we will be thrilled to work with you to share your experiences with future students.

4. Keep learning – Talk with your academic advisor to identify ways to integrate the things you learned during your semester away into your courses, research, and future academic plans. Choose to learn even more about location, engage with new faculty, take a speaking freely class, or attend related talks or events on campus. For more information, check out the “Continuing Your Global Connections and Experience” section >>

5. Get involved – Find a new student group or organization on campus or in your city that represents and shares in the new culture and new experiences you’ve recently returned from. For more information on this, visit the “Campus and Community Engagement” section >>

6. Stay in touch – Stay in touch with former classmates, utilize your term-specific Facebook group to keep up to date and make plans, attend events hosted by the Office of Global programs for alumni; we often try to create opportunities for you to reconnect with staff from the academic centers when they visit NYC.

7. Leverage your experience – Take advantage of the resources at Wasserman (beyond their regular services they offer programs each semester specifically for study away returnees) or with your school's career services center to update your resume to include your international experiences.

8. Readjust – Accept that you’ve changed as a result of your study away experiences and understand that your return might sometimes be uncomfortable. Take some time to review resources about reverse homesickness, utilize the wellness center, and reconnect with your community. You may also want to set up your "Culture Compass" within the World Trade Resource tool (create a log in with your NYU email address). To access the tool log into NYU Home and search "World Trade Resource." Know that there is support available to you - we’re always here to help!

9. Reflect – Take some time off and then look back at your journal, scrapbook, etc.; document what it feels like to be back so you don’t forget this part of the experience. Not only did you grow and learn while you were studying away, that process continues as you return and it’s just as rewarding.