We hope that your readjustment to life back at your home campus is going well. If you haven’t already felt like things are “different”, you probably will at some point in your acclimation. Coming back can be a stressful and confusing time as you cope with all the emotions of missing your study away experiences. But this is also the time when you can look at your time away and realize how much you’ve learned, how differently you may think about things, or even how much you’ve grown.

Just as you had to adapt to the host country in which you were studying, it is a natural phase of transitioning your past experiences with your current experiences. Getting involved and engaged in campus life will not only help you to keep your study away experience alive and meaningful, but may also grant you opportunities you hadn't before considered.

Below are a number of ways to help you reconnect, and a variety of ways to get involved:

Attend Events on Campus
If you are returning to NYU Washington Square, consider attending the Back to the Square event, held during the first week of classes.  Back to the Square is a series of events created to welcome NYU sophomores, juniors, seniors, and continuing graduate students back to Washington Square and kicks off the academic year with helpful workshops, and educational and social events. If you're returning to NYU Abu Dhabi or your home school outside of NYU, check in with your student life offices and global programs coordinators to find out how they recommend you best re-connect with campus.

Become a Global Peer Mentor
The Global Peer Mentor program allows returning study away students to share their experiences with the NYU community, in particular students considering studying abroad. The Global Peer Mentor program provides an invaluable opportunity for students to spread the inspiration, global knowledge and excitement that students have gained from their experiences abroad.  The Global Peer Mentor program operated out of New York is available for visiting students as well as NYU students. For more information, please contact global-peer-mentors@nyu.edu.

Become Involved in Clubs & Activities
Joining a student club opens the door to building new friendships, enhancing your academic life, and exploring career opportunities, as well as leadership and management skills. As you return home, you're like to find a club that now interest you - from campus-wide political, academic, cultural, arts, religious or social events, as well as opportunities to work on various aspects of student publications, competing in athletic competitions, debate tournaments, and attending leadership seminars.  Join one of the cultural clubs to meet fellow students from your away location.

Participate in Community Service Projects
Traveling away from your home campus likely opened your eyes to a variety of new experiences or even new ways of thinking. Getting involved in community service opportunities is a great way to connect you with activities that help you to translate your experiences back to your home campus and community.

Share Your Experiences
Share your writings, photos, or multi-media presentations to express your experience studying away. If you kept a blog while you were away, keep it going and see how this can turn into a substantive form of sharing your experiences.  If you're returning to New York, consider collaborating with the Kiimmel Center Galleries and the NYU Open House exhibition space in the fall or spring semester.

Give Back and Volunteer
Volunteering is also a great avenue to share your study away time. Volunteer to be a mentor to a new international student from your away location. Also, many organizations look for volunteers to help newly immigrated families and their children get adjusted. You can research organizations that are looking for volunteers and call them to see if they have programs set up or would take interns that may cater to this specific need.