There continue to be many unknowns regarding study away opportunities for the Fall 2021 semester. The Office of Global Programs is closely following international travel and immigration guidelines, as well as country-specific health and safety conditions and protocols, as they will all impact NYU’s study away options. Though we wish we could wait until there was full clarity for each of our locations, we need to begin the process of collecting information about student interests in order to be prepared for all possibilities. Therefore, the fall semester study away application will open on March 1st.

We encourage students who are interested in studying away from their degree-granting campus for either the Fall 2021 semester or the full 2021-22 academic year to submit an application by April 1st. We will continue to accept new applications as long as we are able, given space availability and the time required to plan for travel and arrival for the semester.

Fall 2021 course information at the study away sites and registration instruction updates can be found on the Global Courses page. Students will be able to view course offerings in Albert beginning May 3. We are planning for the majority of global courses to be available in “blended” mode for students to choose to take in-person or fully remotely. Additional courses may be added and all course offerings, including modality, are subject to change.

Students can access the online application using your NYU net ID and password. Notification will be sent in April, along with information about course registration.

Although we cannot guarantee that all NYU locations will be available or able to accommodate all students who may be interested, our goal is to meet the needs of as many students as possible. Once you receive a location approval, you will need to confirm your intention to enroll. You should not purchase any travel, or begin to apply for visas, until specifically directed to do so by the Office of Global Programs.

We plan to have additional updates as the summer nears and conditions in the world become clearer. Assuming that study away enrollment is possible, we will then share NYU study away location-specific information about updated course offerings, housing options, immigration requirements, COVID-19 protocols, and travel guidelines.


To be eligible for study away at any NYU location, current undergraduate students:

  • Must have completed two semesters of full-time study as a matriculated university student (typically 24-36 earned credits).
  • Must be eligible to enroll for the Fall 2021 semester as an undergraduate in good standing.

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in studying away should contact their school.


Some NYU locations may not be able to open for the Fall 2021 semester, due to local public health conditions, governmental restrictions, and other factors. NYU’s ability to enroll students for in-person study at any location is subject to change or cancellation.

All open locations will operate with locally required social distancing arrangements and other public health measures that will likely limit opportunities to small in-person gatherings and events. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

To learn more about NYU’s global locations, click on the links below. Please keep in mind that some of the programs and offerings on these pages may not be possible to offer in Fall 2021.

Degree Granting Campuses

NYU New York^^
NYU Abu Dhabi**
NYU Shanghai

Academic Centers

NYU Accra
NYU Berlin
NYU Buenos Aires
NYU Florence
NYU London**
NYU Los Angeles**
NYU Madrid
NYU Paris
NYU Prague
NYU Sydney##
NYU Tel Aviv
NYU Washington, DC

^^ Students not currently enrolled in a degree program at NYU should contact NYU Office of University Programs for options to enroll in classes offered on NYU’s campus in New York.
** Open to NYU Students only
## Not enrolling students for in-person instruction for the Fall 2021 semester.


Each open location will offer a curated set of courses. Study away requires participants to enroll in a full-time course schedule of 12-18 units of courses offered through in-person instruction. Where possible, you may be eligible to enroll in remote courses from other NYU locations.

Please note that once classes are announced, class times listed in Albert reflect the local time zone of the location where they are taught. This may generate apparent scheduling conflict errors. The Office of Global Programs will assist students to override these errors in Albert.

If you are approved to study away, you will receive instructions for next steps.

View the Global Courses Page

View Courses by Global Location

NYU Abu Dhabi Courses - See Albert

NYU New York Courses - See Albert

NYU Shanghai Courses - See Albert

NYU Accra Courses
NYU Berlin Courses
NYU Buenos Aires Courses
NYU Florence Courses
NYU London Courses
NYU Los Angeles Courses
NYU Madrid Courses
NYU Paris Courses
NYU Prague Courses
NYU Sydney Courses
NYU Tel Aviv Courses
NYU Washington, DC Courses


Accepting an NYU-arranged housing assignment is a condition of enrollment unless a student is approved for an exemption from the requirement. Given that health requirements and safety protocols will likely not be communicated by local authorities until a few months prior to arrival, NYU will make University-arranged housing available to the extent possible but may not be able to guarantee a placement. Should this occur, additional information about alternate housing options will be provided.


Beginning March 1 Submit study away application
April 1

Recommended deadline to apply to Study Away (and Internship Track, where available)

The application will remain open after this date only for locations that are able to enroll additional students.

Late April/May Receive response from Office of Global Programs
Late April/May

Register for classes according to your scheduled appointment time

June Submit housing application

Note: Dates are subject to change -- any changes will be announced

Submit an Application

NYU Students

Log into the application using your NYU net ID and password. Start a new application and select Study Away Fall 2021.

Visiting Students

Visiting students (students currently matriculated at another US accredited institution) who would like to apply must create an application ID.


Semester Study Away FAQs

General FAQs

For information regarding Albert and Time Zone Navigation please refer to the questions under those categories in the Academic FAQs page below.

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