NYU Students 

If you are a NYU undergraduate who will receive a degree from NYU in New York and are spending a semester or year abroad at an NYU Global Academic Center, here are a few things you should know:

  •  Studying abroad does not necessarily cost more than studying in New York. The cost of housing, meals, and daily living abroad is comparable and in some cases less expensive than New York City. You can consider typcial expenses by location on the Study Away Cost Estimates chart.
  • The cost of tuition and registration fees remains the same, and your NYU financial aid package applies while you study at an NYU Global Academic Center. 
  • Students who apply and qualify for financial aid will be considered for additional aid for their semester abroad.
  • Need-based and merit-based study abroad scholarships and grants are available through NYU Global Programs and many external organizations.

Global Pathways Scholarship & Global Programs Administered Awards

All undergraduate students who will receive a degree from NYU in New York and have been admitted for a semester at an NYU Global Academic Center, are automatically reviewed for the Global Pathways Scholarship and Global Programs Administered Awards. 

To be eligible for a Global Programs Administered Award, either Global Programs Merit or Study Away Need-Based, students must apply for admission by the regular deadline. For deadlines see the applying page.

Specialized Awards

More specialized awards are available for students depending on academic area of interest and/or program selection, as well as your home school.  Application requirements and deadlines vary.

Additional Financial Aid

All admitted Study Away undergraduate students who will receive a degree from NYU in New York applying for financial aid will be automatically evaluated for the Global Pathways Scholarship.  This need based award of up to $4,000 per semester (depending on demonstrated need) is to help cover the additional costs of studying away. Students must have a current FAFSA or CSS Profile application on file with the university to be considered.  Students will receive an award notification beginning in June (for fall semester) and in November (for spring semester). Students follow the regular Office of Financial Aid process for applying for need based aid.

Global Programs Merit Scholarships

A small group of students that have been admitted for a semester study at one of the NYU Academic Centers will be awarded a merit grant of $1,500. Awards will be determined based on the quality of the student’s application and academic record. Selected students will be informed shortly after notification. All funding is posted as tuition credit to the recipient’s NYU student account. No additional application is required.

Abraham and Anna Puller Global Chemistry Scholarships

The Abraham and Anna Puller Global Chemistry Scholarships were established in 2014 with a generous gift to the NYU Department of Chemistry and the College of Arts and Science from Dr. Herbert I. Puller and Minnie Puller, in memory of Abraham and Anna Puller. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit to undergraduate majors in the Department of Chemistry who plan to study abroad as part of their course of study, either at the NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai portal campuses or other study away sites offering a chemistry curriculum. The scholarship funds can be used for study abroad expenses and cost-of-living, including associated research internships before, during, or following a study abroad semester. Up to three awards will be made each semester.

Additional information and application details can be found here.

Levine Family Travel Scholarship (NYU Tel Aviv)

CAS students attending NYU Tel Aviv who intend to major in biology will be automatically considered for this $1,500 award. Three students per semester (fall and spring) will selected based on academic area of interest, quality of study abroad application, and demonstrated need.  All funding is posted as tuition credit to the recipient’s NYU student account.


» Students must have applied or been admitted to an NYU Global Academic Center for fall, spring, or the full academic year to be considered for any listed awards.

» Students attending summer, winter, or exchange programs such as Stern IBEX or NYU International Exchange, are not eligible.

» Students must be currently enrolled full-time and in good academic and disciplinary standing.

» Students must be eligible for aid from NYU and demonstrate financial need based on the cost of their study away site.  Eligibility requires an official FAFSA or CSS Profile on file for the term in which the student will study away.

» Unless noted, eligible students must be seeking a degree from NYU in New York. 

» Awards cannot be deferred.