Please note these FAQs are applicable to NYU students from all three campuses who are admitted to Go Local at Accra, Athens, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Washington, DC. This is not applicable to Go Local students admitted to Shanghai or Abu Dhabi.

Global site courses (excludes Shanghai, New York, Abu Dhabi), listed with “blended” instruction mode in Albert are open to any student who meets the requirements & prerequisites to be taken 100% remote synchronously. Please note that times are listed in the location time zone.  

Please check back regularly for updates.

Navigating Albert

What do instruction modes in Albert mean?

Generally speaking, courses in the Course Search will be listed with one of the following four instruction modes:

In-Person: The course meets 100% in-person for the entire course during its duration.

Blended: The course meets in a combination of in-person and remotely as determined by the school/department. Generally speaking this is out of necessity due to physical space limitations.

Online: There are no physical meetings. The course takes place 100% remotely.

Independent Study

Regardless of instruction mode, the majority of courses should have a fully remote option. 

We anticipate that Global site courses (excludes New York, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai) will be offered either in-person or blended format.

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How do I find courses at different sites in Albert?

A link to the Albert Course Search is available on the Albert Landing page ( As a student you can also access the Course Search via your shopping cart.

To view courses offered by NYC schools, NYU Shanghai, or NYU Abu Dhabi, select the school from the drop down menu to the right under School.

To view courses in the Albert course search for all locations except Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, select the location from the drop down menu to the right under Global & Other Study Away Sites as shown in the diagram below.

Albert screenshot showing where to find courses at other sites.

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Where do I find basic Albert how-to guides?

Refer to Albert Registration How-to Guides for additional assistance.

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Time (Time Zones, Time Conflicts, etc.)

Location Daylight Savings? Current Time Zone Daylight Savings Change Date Post Change Time Zone
Los Angeles yes GMT-7 11/1/2020 2 AM GMT-8
New York Yes
GMT-4 11/1/2020 2 AM
Washington DC Yes GMT-4 11/1/2020 2 AM
Buenos Aires No GMT-3 n/a GMT-3 (no change)
Accra no GMT n/a GMT (no change)
London yes GMT+1 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT
Berlin yes GMT+2 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+1
Florence yes GMT+2 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+1
Madrid yes GMT+2 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+1
Paris yes GMT+2 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+1
Prague yes GMT+2 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+1
Athens yes GMT+3 10/25/2020 3 AM GMT+2
Tel Aviv yes GMT+3 10/25/2020 2 AM GMT+2
Abu Dhabi no GMT+4 n/a GMT+4 (no change)
Shanghai no GMT+8 n/a GMT+8 (no change)
Sydney yes GMT+10 10/4/2020 2 AM GMT+11

What time zone are courses in Albert listed in?

Course times in Albert are determined by the course location. For example, if a course is taught from London, the course time of 9 AM in Albert is referring to 9 AM local London time. In relation to this, please be aware of time zone changes as Daylight Savings ends in the Fall. Refer to the above chart to assist you in managing your course times. You can also use this time zone calculator to calculate times for current and future dates. Please be aware that you should not register for courses that will conflict later in the semester, even if they may not conflict in the beginning of the semester.

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Can I register for courses that actually conflict?

As you are registering for courses, be aware that course times are listed based upon the course location. For example, if you register for a 9 AM course in New York, it runs at the same time as a 3 PM course in Berlin. Albert will not prevent you from registering for both courses; however, you are expected to attend courses at the designated meeting time in Albert synchronously (at the time the course is being taught). Therefore, you should avoid registering for courses with an actual time conflict. Be aware that courses that do not appear to have a time conflict now, may have a time conflict once daylight savings time ends. Please refer to the chart above for assistance. You can also use this time zone calculator to calculate times for current and future dates.

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Registration Help and Courses

When do I register for courses?

You have now received registration instructions via the Enrollment Portal for next steps regarding course registration. You may begin adjusting your course schedule and continue making adjustments through the summer.

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Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take in-person?

The number of available in-person courses will vary according to the size of the location and the area of study.

Go Local students will ideally be able to take at least two courses in person. Some locations may have capacity to allow Go Local students to take more than two in-person courses.

The number of seats available in a particular course may be limited due to physical distancing requirements and facility capacities. We are unable to guarantee a seat in any particular course.

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Can I take courses at any Global site?

All courses at global sites are open to eligible students who meet the prerequisites and other restrictions as long as space is available, excluding Los Angeles. Therefore students can create a schedule with courses from multiple locations.

  • NYU Shanghai campus courses will open to non-NYU Shanghai students in the beginning of September.
  • NYU Abu Dhabi courses are available for registration now. Courses without prerequisites will open to non-Abu Dhabi students starting August 15th.

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Can all courses be taken fully remotely?

All courses including those at New York unless otherwise noted have a fully-remote attendance option. NYULA courses are expected to only be available to NYULA students through in-person or blended instruction modes.

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Can courses be taken asynchronously?

Schools and departments are still working on finalizing course meeting patterns and instruction modes. All global site courses (excluding Shanghai) are expected to be taken synchronously. If you have questions please email

By late July, any New York course that does not have a meeting pattern listed in Albert is likely available to be taken asynchronously. If students need to confirm the course format for a New York course please email the corresponding department. 

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A class doesn’t have a meeting pattern or a faculty assigned yet. Will it run?

Course details are still being finalized due to physical distancing requirements. If you have a question about a specific course, please email We anticipate course schedules will be finalized by mid-July.

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Is there a language requirement for Go Local?

Go Local students are not required to take a language course. 

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Is there a minimum number of credits I have to take at the Go Local site?

As a Go Local student, you are expected to take at least one in-person or blended mode course for three or more credits.

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When is the last day I can add/drop courses?

The add/drop date differs based upon academic calendars, but are all generally within the first few weeks of the semester start. The add/drop deadline is based on the course location and not on the student location of study. Until the add/drop deadline, students may make adjustments to their schedule. We recommend that you check in with your advisor regarding course selections.

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