NYU Shanghai plans to offer eligible students from NYU’s campus in New York a "Go Local" option in China for the Fall 2021 semester. Go Local at NYU Shanghai is designed for undergraduates who are not able to obtain a student visa or travel to the New York campus or their intended study away site in time for the upcoming fall semester. Students who meet the requirements below may enroll and have the opportunity to take a mix of in-person classes at NYU Shanghai and remote classes to build their schedule.

To be eligible for Go Local at NYU Shanghai, students must be able to reside and study in China for the duration of the semester without the issuance of a student visa.

Please review all of the eligibility requirements and other information, and if you are interested in the Go Local option, complete the Go Local Shanghai Fall 2021 application.

Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all students who may be interested in this option, our goal is to meet the needs of as many students as possible. Once you receive a location approval, you will need to confirm your intention to enroll by an assigned date. You should not purchase any travel until directed to do so by the Office of Global Programs.

This site will be continually updated to provide the latest information on the Go Local option.


In order to take advantage of the Go Local option, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Students must be able to legally reside and study in China without obtaining a new student visa or other University-provided documentation.
  • Students must not hold a US student visa. (Students who have been issued a US visa should plan to attend classes on the New York campus or intended study away site for fall semester.)
  • Students must be earning their degree from NYU’s New York campus and are an undergraduate student in good standing at the first year or sophomore level for the Fall 2021 semester. (Junior and senior level students are eligible for regular NYU study away opportunities.)
  • Be physically located in China, or be able to travel to China before the Fall semester begins. Notes: 1) The Go Local option at NYU Shanghai gives priority in enrollment to students already physically present in China. 2) Restrictions on international travel are currently in place around the world. Commercial air travel to reach China may not be available before the Fall semester begins.

Information for newly admitted students to NYU's New York campus: First Year and New to NYU Transfer Students

Incoming first-year students and new transfer students admitted to begin degrees conferred on NYU’s New York campus in Fall 2021 are eligible for the Go Local option, the Go Local option is available to all first year and sophomore students.

Information for Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in a Go Local option should contact their school.

The table below highlights the groups most likely to be eligible for the Go Local at NYU Shanghai, although at this time, many borders remain fully closed to international travelers. This list will be updated as additional information about travel and visa policies becomes available.
NYU Location Potentially Eligible Groups
NYU Shanghai Campus (China)
Citizens and permanent residents of mainland China; Mainland Entry Permit holders from Hong Kong, Macau, and

Note: Some other groups may have rights to live and study in China. You can provide relevant documentation in the Go Local application.

NYU Shanghai

Due to local public health conditions, governmental restrictions, and other factors, NYU Shanghai, like other NYU campuses and centers around the globe, may operate with social distancing arrangements and other public health measures that may limit opportunities to small in-person gatherings and events and may otherwise be subject to changes in programming or offerings. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

To learn more about NYU Shanghai, click on the links below. Please keep in mind that some of the programs and offerings on these pages may not be possible to offer in Fall 2021.

NYU Shanghai


NYU Shanghai will offer courses intended to serve students from an array of majors. Students enrolled in the Go Local option at NYU Shanghai will likely be able to construct a schedule that includes some courses that you take in-person (one minimum to participate) and some that you take remotely. The courses you take remotely could be taught from your home campus and/or from other NYU locations, which could offer more convenient timings. Fewer courses from the New York campus will be offered in remote or blended mode in Fall 2021 compared to the current year; the majority of courses at the study away sites will be offered blended/remote. Go Local students are encouraged to take two courses in person, subject to availability, and may be able to take more than two in-person courses at NYU Shanghai.

Please note class times listed in Albert will reflect the local time zone of the location where they are taught. This may generate apparent scheduling conflict errors. Advisors will assist Go Local students to override these errors in Albert.

If you are approved to Go Local, you will receive instructions for next steps.

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NYU Shanghai has a limited amount of student housing available. Students who confirm their intention to enroll in Go Local will receive information about local resources to identify and reserve their own housing in Shanghai. A limited amount of University-arranged housing will be made available to the extent possible. You should indicate your interest in receiving a NYU housing assignment in the enrollment process.


Date Action
Beginning May 5, 2021 Submit Go Local Application (rolling process through deadline)
Beginning May 12, 2021
Receive response from Office of Global Programs (rolling notification approximately two weeks from submission date)
Beginning May 12, 2021
Confirm interest to enroll (specific deadline assigned in notification message)
Beginning July 1, 2021 Course registration begins
August 8, 2021  Go Local Application Deadline (The application will remain available after this date only if space remains to enable additional students to enroll.)

Note: Dates are subject to change, and any changes will be announced.

Submit an Application

Students with a Fall 2021 Study Away application interested in applying for Go Local must submit a new application.

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