NYU London offers Orientation and welcome programs to familiarize you to the city and the campus resources. You can take advantage of the cultural, and social programs, designed to acclimate you to your new home. Equally important is the welcome from the Stern Undergraduate College that you receive with the same information that New York City first year students receive to ensure you don’t miss out on important Stern updates. Additional information will be shared during the summer through your enrollment portal. 

London, one of the most fascinating locations in Europe, is a rich and diverse city, replete with intellectual, cultural and social opportunities. As a First Year London student, you have the unique opportunity to fulfill first year NYU and Stern academic requirements with the incredible city as the cultural backdrop. NYU London offers extracurricular activities that encourage community building with fellow students by participating in student lead organizations, attending city excursions, and accessing cultural experiences.

Diversity Resources

An important aspect of living and studying abroad is the opportunity for you to learn more about your chosen host country and how identities may be understood and perceived within this new context. We encouraged you to begin researching some of the challenges and opportunities you may encounter, and plan ahead by identifying people and resources that can help you make the most of your experience away.

NYU London Diversity Resources

Events & Excursions

Every semester, NYU London organizes a series of events, visits and excursions that are designed to give you an understanding of British culture by visiting many wonderful places, attending special events and giving them the opportunity to sample the sights, sounds and vibrancy of our great city.

During orientation, each student will be provided with information on how to sign up 'Cultural Programming' activities for the upcoming term. These events include: day trips to many exciting UK destinations including Bath, Brighton, Oxford, and the mythical Stonehenge; major sporting events including England football (soccer) games at Wembley Stadium and Premiership rugby matches; West End theatre productions, the English National Opera and the Royal Ballet; and plenty of British food, including fish and chips, afternoon tea, and the nation's favourite dish - curry!

NYU London offers something for everyone no matter what they're into!

Students' Union UCL

All NYU London students get associate membership to University College London's students' union, known as Students' Union UCL. They are one of the biggest students' unions in London, and the memberhip is a great way to meet local students and get involved with over 300 clubs and societies. There's a whole range of sports from Aikido to Zumba, academic societies that organise events around your subject such as business talks, as well as social clubs. Students' Union has an active LGBTQ+ society, a range of faith groups, and groups for many different nationalities and ethnicities, reflecting UCL's diverse and international student population.

Health & Wellness

The NYU Student Health Center and the Department of Public Safety work closely with program staff to plan for safe, healthy, and enriching opportunities long before you arrive. You will be introduced to many of these services in the months leading up to your program abroad while others will be explained in detail during the mandatory on-site orientation. Get a head start on familiarizing yourself with global health and wellness resources by visiting the NYU Student Health Center website.

Student Health Centre - London Health & Wellness

Service Opportunities

NYU London recognizes the importance for students attending our program to meet and integrate with the wider community. We offer a range of volunteering opportunities, ranging from regular opportunities in local schools to trips led by Student Life staff.