Please review these frequently asked questions from prospective students and families.


Are there any special restrictions for the Stern First Year London option?

You must be 18 years old on or before the date of your travel to the site for the purposes of study. If you are admitted to start in London and you will not be 18 by your date of travel, please inform NYU Admissions. This applies to students who are citizens of any country, including member nations of the European Union. 

How do I apply to Stern’s First Year London option?

When applying to NYU Stern, you will choose Stern’s core BS in Business Program on the Common Application and will see an option to demonstrate your interest in spending your first year at NYU’s London campus.

Is it possible to correspond with a student who participated in this option?

The Stern First Year London option is welcoming its first cohort of students Fall 2021, so no one has pursued this specific option yet! However, you can connect with a current NYU Stern student to speak with someone who studied abroad at NYU London and can speak to their experience.

If I indicate I am interested in the First Year London option but don’t get in, will I be considered for the BS in Business program in NYC?

Yes, you will be considered for the BS in Business program.

What’s the difference between attending NYU London through the First Year London option and attending NYU London later on?

If you are accepted into the First Year in London option, you will automatically attend NYU London for the fall and spring semesters of your first year. If you are not a First Year London student, you still have an opportunity to study away at NYU London later in your undergraduate career starting as early as the fall semester of your sophomore year.

Student Life

Where will I live during my time at NYU London?

All undergraduate students are required to live within housing managed or organized through NYU London.

If I choose to go to London as a first year, is it difficult to still experience first-year things at NYU like Orientation and clubs?

You will receive information about clubs and organizations at the NYU campus while you are in London so you are aware of the types of opportunities available to students. Once you begin your sophomore year in New York City, we’ll have plenty of information about involvement opportunities and chances to meet with student leaders. 


Will I take different classes or the same ones we would be taking in NYC?

The courses you will take in London will largely be the same as the ones you would take in the NYC campus — like Commerce and Culture, Business and Society, Financial Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics—are also the same as what you would be doing in NYC. Where you will likely have a little room for different classes, is in your electives (like all study abroad locations). You’ll likely find some unique classes specific to the London/European location and the professors who teach there. As a new student, you will get a lot of guidance on what classes to register for (and how) before you register for the first time.

Are the classes the same level of difficulty?

Yes! London and NYC classes are the same level of difficulty. Additionally, while London lectures usually meet twice a week for a shorter time block, sometimes London classes meet once a week for a longer time block.

Am I taking classes only with other NYU students?

Yes, you will study with other NYU students. The NYU London campus has students from NYU in NYC, NYU Abu Dhabi, and NYU Shanghai who are all studying abroad at NYU London for the semester. NYU London partners with a local nearby university, University College London (UCL), so that you can have access to their clubs, extracurricular activities, and campus amenities like the gym and library. You might meet UCL students, but your classes will consist of only NYU London students and be on the NYU London campus. 

Professional Development and Career Education

How do career services work for NYU Stern First Year London students?

A: You will have access to a robust range of services as an NYU Stern First Year London student. This includes access to Handshake, NYU’s online job board and career resource portal, as well as one-on-one career advising appointments through the Wasserman Center and Stern’s Professional Development and Career Education (PDCE) team. In fact, members of the Wasserman Center staff visit London each semester to meet with students and answer questions. You may also meet virtually with Stern’s Peer Mentors—seniors who can share their experiences recruiting across a multitude of industries and job functions.

Will I be able to complete an internship in London?

Internship and experiential learning opportunities may be available in London during the spring and/or summer. More information about these programs, which will focus on developing transferable professional skills across a range of industries, will be shared with First Year London students during the first year.