Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Paris is divided into 20 arrondisemonts (districts) that spiral out like a snail's shell from the center. The Seine River then cuts across the entire city, dividing it into the right (droit) and left (gauche) banks. Each arrondissement offers its own unique character, just like the different neighborhoods and boroughs of New York. Though you'll get to know your own arrondissement best, you will inevitably spend time in almost all of them, experiencing Paris' diversity.

NYU Sponsored Excursions

Students in the NYU Paris program have access to some of the finest museums, galleries, theatres, and architectural monuments in the world. Our program features a wide variety of cultural activities that give students an extraordinary opportunity to enhance their experience abroad. Most activities are covered in the cost of tuition and include day trips to places such as Chantilly, Giverny, and Versailles. Special events such as wine and cheese tastings, film screenings, lectures, literary readings, walking tours, and guided museum visits are also scheduled. NYU Paris organizes outings to theatre, ballet, and opera performances, as well as for special art exhibitions. Weekend excursions are organized to places such as Avignon, Burgandy, Mont-Saint-Michel, and La Rochelle. Most of these trips are subsidized by NYU in Paris. Unless required for a course, all activities are optional.