class in Madrid

Academic Program

At NYU Madrid, you will attend NYU's Liberal Studies First Year in Madrid Program, taking classes and seminars with a small community of highly talented and diverse students. On completion of the first year of study in Madrid, students will continue enrollment as sophomores at our New York City campus.

Liberal Studies offers two courses of study: a two-year Core Program that provides students with a foundation for further study at the other NYU undergraduate schools, and a four-year program leading to the Global Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts degree. Both programs share a core curriculum, a rigorous two-year course of study in the global liberal arts in a small class setting that facilitates students' participation. Both programs encourage students to begin their study at one of the freshman year campuses in Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, or Washington, DC.

In Madrid, approximately 125 upperclassmen and 40 first year students will be enrolled in courses at the NYU center with you, studying the history of Spain and Europe and its extraordinary cultural legacy of art, literature and philosophy.

All students enrolled at NYU Madrid take Spanish language at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level in both semesters of study.

Sophomore Year in New York

Students who have completed the Liberal Studies First Year in Madrid Program will begin their sophomore year at NYU’s campus in Greenwich Village. They will join their classmates in New York and will have successfully met all of the same academic requirements.

On arrival, students will continue to be part of a community of outstanding undergraduates. The difference? They will make their home in New York City, in residence halls near Washington Square, the heart of NYU in New York. Liberal Studies sophomores continue the academic work begun in Spain. A tailor-made orientation will welcome them to New York and encourage their acclimation to their new academic home.

For more details about how the sophomore year will look, students can visit the Liberal Studies website