Studying in London

London is a rich and diverse city, replete with intellectual, cultural and social opportunities second to no other place on earth (and maybe beyond). NYUL students are able to decide the shape of their study abroad experience in large measure for themselves, by picking and choosing from this extraordinary diversity.

Each semester, NYU London offers approximately 60 courses, across a broad range of subject areas. Many of these courses include co-curricular activity, so that London and the whole of the UK become part of the extended class room. In almost every subject area, London is the home to professional societies which run a full program of talks, seminars, and lectures, many of which are advertised and open to NYU London students.

Community Service Opportunities

NYU London recognizes the importance for students attending our program to meet and integrate with the wider community. We believe that Community Service can provide a unique opportunity to meet people from very different walks of life in a range of situations that they might not have experienced before. Community Service also enables students to give something back to the local community, to learn new skills and to have fun!

Trips and Activities

Each semester, NYU London organises day trips to places such as the beautiful city of Bath and the academic centers of Cambridge and Oxford. In addition, an extensive programme of activities is planned to places of historic and cultural interest within the London area.

On your own or with friends, you may choose to visit Windsor Castle or Hampton Court, Henry VIII's opulent palace by the Thames, both of which are close by. Other popular destinations in Britain include York, Manchester, and the coastal towns of Cornwall and Devon. Outside the UK, Paris can be reached in 2 and a half hours direct by the Eurostar train, while Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome are only a short plane ride away.