Jessica and her students, NYU in Florence student

I volunteered at a school where I taught 5 year-olds basic English. I fell in love with these kids. They were adorable and grew to love me in return. I learned so much from them. - Jessica, NYU Florence student

Community Service

NYU Florence offers a course specifically geared towards helping students  find volunteering opportunities in Florence. The course is taught both in Italian and English; if taken in Italian, it also counts as your required Italian language course. The class only meets once a week, but the student must complete 50 hours of community service before the end of the semester. The class itself focuses initially on the differences between Italy and America. Then students work with the instructor to find a community service organization that suits their needs. Plus anyone who wants to volunteer on their own can also find opportunities. Here are some examples of community service opportunities available at NYU Florence:

  • Teaching Italian high school students about American culture, while also greatly improving their English language skills.
  • Hosting tours at some of Florence’s most important churches, museums and historic sites -- there are opportunities to do guide tours in English or Italian!
  • Helping to prepare and cook weekly dinners where any international student is asked to come; this is an opportunity to meet lots of students from around the world.
  • Selling Candygrams for the Italian Cancer Society; one semester, students raised over 200 Euros!
  • Helping in the production and performances of Italian plays at a well-known Italian theater.

These are just a few of the ways to get involved. Even if you participate in a few one-day volunteer opportunities, the experience is well worth it.

English Language Service Options

Italian Language Service Options