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Application Process for NYU Students

Admission to the International Exchange program is highly selective. An extremely limited number of spaces per university is available each year.

1. Review Partner Schools

Read about each school and visit their websites. Decide on an institution and make an appointment to discuss your plans with an advisor. 

2. Research the Courses

Follow the links on the Partner Universities page to your desired host university's course listings. Just like at NYU, not every course is offered every semester. Be sure to pay attention to semesters and course levels. In some cases, certain courses are only available for a full year. Talk to a Global Programs advisor if you need assistance deciphering course offerings.

3. Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Confirm with the advisors in your school and department that the courses you intend to take through the exchange program will be appropriate for your academic plan. Keep in mind courses cannot be guaranteed ahead of time. It is best to approve more than you need to give you flexibility. Complete the Advisor Approval Form and have your advisor sign the form as well.

4. Apply to be Nominated by NYU

Please log into the Student Center through Albert to access the NYU Global Programs online application. Under the "Student Center" heading please click the link to the "Application Center." This will take you to a new page where you will select the "Apply" option next to (Undergraduate or Graduate) "Semester Study with NYU Global Programs." Once you create the application, select "International Exchange" under your Academic Program choice.

As part of the application you will also be required to submit an official transcript (electronic transcripts are not permitted), statement of purpose, Advisor Approval Form, and two letters of recommendation from faculty members (one from your academic advisor is also acceptable).

Letters of academic recommendation should be printed on letterhead and include an original signature. Applicants may submit these in hard-copy to the Office of Global Programs (see address below) OR your references may submit them directly to our office at

Transcripts should be requested from the Registrar's Office in advance and should be submitted to the NYU Office of Global Programs located at 383 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor before the specified application deadline.

5. (If you are nominated by NYU) Apply to Partner University

Most partner institutions require applicants to complete a version of their exchange student application once they have received your initial application materials and have approved of your nomination. If your school's application form asks for an application fee, please double check with NYU Global Programs to see if it is truly necessary (it is usually not). If your school requires any hard-copy application materials submit these the Office of Global Programs before the specified application deadline. We will submit all application materials on your behalf.


The application deadline for the full academic year or fall semester is February 15th and September 15th for the spring semester. (The International Exchange Program does not operate during the summer term.)

First your application materials are reviewed by an NYU committee to determine if you will become an NYU nominee. Students who are chosen as nominees must then abide by additional application deadlines set by the partner institutions; there is very little flexibility with deadlines.

NYU Global Programs will process your application materials. If approved, you will be nominated for the program and your application materials will be forwarded to your selected university. The partner university will likely require you to complete a version of their exchange student application form once they have received your initial application materials and have approved of your participation. Some universities have an application form available for you to complete ahead of time, but most will invite you to complete an application only after successful review of your Student Data Form and supporting materials.

Further information about applying can be found in individual partner university descriptions. Email with any questions you have about applying to the International Exchange Program.