The Marron Institute

The Marron Institute works with cities to improve health, safety, mobility, and inclusiveness. Marron is dedicated to working with residents, officials, and practitioners to address pressing challenges on issues such as city planning, criminal justice, and environmental health.

The Institute for Education and Social Policy

The Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP) conducts non-partisan scientific research about U.S. education and related social policy issues to help inform educational institutions and policymakers.

Michael Lindsey

Michael Lindsey, McSilver Professor


This fall, CTAC/McSilver will release Black Boys and Men: Changing the Narrative, a podcast series that brings together thought leaders from various sectors to analyze stereotypes and dispel myths concerning black boys and men, while providing facts and best practices for those working with these often-marginalized populations. The series calls into question issues of systemic racism and oppression and provides concrete steps to prevent and address many of the issues that disproportionately affect black boys and men, including health disparities, incarceration, trauma, and violence. Download Michael Lindsey's introduction to Black Boys and Men.