In Fall 2018, NYU established a new, cross-University Urban Doctoral Fellowship Program. This competitive fellowship program is open to current and prospective doctoral-level students from across the University.

Please welcome the 2023-2024 class of accomplished students, who were selected for their demonstrated interest in urban research and represent schools and departments from across the University.

  • Ashlin Rakhra - Grossman School of Medicine ; Pathology
  • Austin Lukondi - Graduate School of Arts and Science
  • Beyza Kiper - Tandon School of Engineering ; Civil Engineering
  • Callie Clark - Tandon School of Engineering ; Urban Systems
  • Diedre Brown - Tandon School of Engineering ; Urban Systems
  • Elisa Maria Wirsching - Graduate School of Arts & Science ; Politics
  • Elizabeth Lockhead - Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
  • Fatima Mabrouk - Silver School of Social Work ; Social Work
  • Imani Wilson - Steinhardt ; Sociology of Education
  • Jasmin Choi - GPH ; Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Joshua Coven - Stern ; Finance
  • Kameka Waugh-Gordon - Steinhardt ; Teaching & Learning
  • Katherine Thomas - Graduate School of Arts & Science ; Sociology
  • Maria Teresa Herrera - Grossman School of Medicine ; Population Health Sciences 
  • Payton Johnson - Graduate School of Arts & Science ; Sociology 
  • Simin Hua - Grossman School of Medicine ; Pathology
  • Sohini Das - Steinhardt ; Psychology and Social Intervention
  • Susana Costa Amaral - Graduate School of Arts & Science ;Spanish and Portuguese


  • The fellows receive up to $3,000 in research funds (not a salary stipend), which may be used for attending conferences or other activities to further their research at some point during their studies.
  • The fellows are invited to participate in a new, cross-NYU Urban Research Seminar that will host leading scholars from a variety of disciplines who are researching urban issues.
  • The fellows are invited to join networking lunches or dinners following the seminars. 
  • The fellows are required to formally register for and attend the Seminar (ideally in their second or third year). The fellows will also have the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their own work from NYU faculty and their peer fellows.
  • Up to 15 fellows will be selected from prospective and continuing doctoral students each cycle.


This competitive Fellowship Program is open to current and prospective doctoral students focused on urban research. Prospective PhD students must be nominated by the Director of Graduate Studies of their respective departments/schools. Current PhD students whose research interests focus on cities and urban issues may apply directly.

Selection Criteria

The key selection criteria for fellows are:

  1. Scholarly promise
  2. Urban focus
  3. Contribution to a cohort’s diversity (including methodological, demographic, disciplinary, and departmental)

How to Apply

Urban Doctoral Fellowships applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are now open to current and prospective PhD students. Completed applications are due February 28, 2023Apply here. 

  • Prospective PhD students can only be nominated by the Director of Graduate Studies of their respective departments/schools. Directors of Graduate Studies must complete this application on behalf of the prospective students.
  • Current PhD students whose research interests focus on cities and urban issues must apply directly themselves using this application.