Headshots from faculty collaborating on CCII-related Big Ideas Courses

Some of the NYU faculty who are generously collaborating to provide guest lectures include: Hirokazu Yoshikawa, David Kirkland, L'heureux Lewis-Mccoy, Shabnam Javdani, Deborah Archer, Vincent Southerland, Jacob Faber, Anne Williams-Isom, Chrissy Beluk, Stephanie Cook, Xavier Briggs, Andrew Schustek, Basil Smikle, Henry L. Greenidge, Paula England, and Michael Lindsey

Race and Inequality: Advancing Equity through Policy and Practice

NYU Big Ideas Course Series

This course shines a bright light on racial inequality in the United States by focusing on structural disparities in key areas central to the lives of all Americans: Income, wealth and employment; the right to vote, health and wellbeing, education and juvenile justice in an era of rising segregation and mass incarceration. Vanguard leaders from across NYU and across fields of Law, Public Health and Allied Health fields, Education, Social Work, Sociology, and Public Policy will provide insights on key scholarly and community-based frameworks they use to confront problems of inequality in the United States. They will share their expertise as agents of change in designing and implementing policy solutions that offer the promise of a more equitable future.

Course Information


Prof. Cybele Raver

Prof. Michael Lindsey

Course Assistant

Kevin Wells
Course Number: APSY-UE 1273 - 001
School Sponsor: NYU Steinhardt
Credits: 2
Offered: Fall (starting Oct 22, 2020), Once/twice per week for seven weeks
Mode: Remote, Asynchronous, with synchronous discussion for 3 out of 7 weeks

Public Problem Solving

NYU Big Ideas Course Series

This transdisciplinary class offers a systematic introduction to the problem-solving skills students will need to take a mission-driven project from idea to implementation. By combining the teaching of quantitative and qualitative methods with participatory and equitable approaches that include the communities we aim to help in the problem-solving process, this course will enable students to become a more powerful agent of change with the ability to realize and design innovative and measurable solutions to contemporary problems.
Using real world examples, we will learn a new problem-solving method each week and how to apply that method to real-world challenges through a series of discussions with world leading change agents.

This course is problem-led. Students will apply lessons learned to develop an original intervention designed to improve people’s lives to a problem in areas such as climate change, inequality, systemic racism and discrimination, unemployment, and pandemic response.


Beth Simone Noveck

Course Number

TCS-UY 2122

School Sponsor

NYU Tandon




Fall (starting Sep 2, 2020), once per week for seven weeks


Remote, once weekly synchronous meeting, with additional asynchronous modules

Academic Highlights

Winners and Finalists of the Translating Evidence to Action Final Project Prize

Many students in the Race and Inequality: Advancing Equity through Policy and Practice Big Ideas Course nominated their final projects for consideration. Many thanks to each student who put in the time and dedication to carefully review and score each submission on the peer-juried review panel. 

Announcing our '20 Winners:

  • Winner for "Translating Evidence to Action: Best Podcast" - Maya Muwanga
  • Winner for "Translating Evidence to Action: Best Blog" - Pilar Paradiso
  • Winner for "Translating Evidence to Action: Best Toolkit" - Rumaisah Wajid

Check out these winning projects here.

In addition, our Finalists include: 

  • Aichatou Traore
  • Georgia Evans
  • Jacob Keller
  • Lu Lu
  • Violet Lahive
  • Vivian Lemons

Please join us in congratulating these students for their outstanding work. We are so impressed by the exceptionally high caliber podcasts, blogs, and action toolkits submitted for this course and by the innovation, creativity, and professionalism of the submissions. 

Connect with us to get involved and learn about future opportunities to develop your talent and leadership in translating evidence to action for greater racial and economic equity in the weeks ahead. 


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