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Academic leaders across the New York University (NYU) campus have come together to form the NYU Aging Incubator. The overall mission of the NYU Aging Incubator is to support the development of innovative and interdisciplinary research initiatives and educational endeavors to improve the health and well-being of the oldest segment of our population. The long-term goal is to provide NYU’s global community with a self-sustaining forum and resource for intellectual discourse, network development, knowledge dissemination, research, policy development, and service innovation to address challenges associated with aging.

The short-term objective during this start-up phase is to establish a platform and framework for these activities and to initiate projects for proof of concept and immediate learning. These long- and short-term activities will engage NYU’s academic and professional community in efforts that synergistically utilize or combine technology, macro- to micro- perspectives and lessons from other cultures and time periods, to drive innovations that improve the health and well-being of an aging population.  The NYU Aging Incubator will be inclusive so that all faculty at the University with an interest feel welcome to participate.

Guiding Principles

  • Participation in the Aging Incubator is open to anyone within NYU’s global University system; outreach throughout the University will continue
  • NYU’s pan-university approach will guide a cross-institutional, multidisciplinary forum
  • During this start-up phase, three co-directors will share leadership, pooling expertise, a broad range of interests, and diverse professional networks

Meet the Directors

Aging Incubator Co-Directors
Meet the Steering Committee

Aging Incubator Steering Committee
Meet the Fellows

Aging Incubator Fellows

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