The Big Ideas course series offers an academic experience completely unique to NYU. Students will engage with faculty experts from across the University to explore themes and topics relevant to today's issues, including social justice, the arts, sports, and technology.

These courses will offer NYU students the chance to learn in a whole new way, and approach the world from the vantage point of celebrated and renowned artists, neuroscientists, philosophers, data journalists, historians, or ethicists.

Each course in this series will:

  • Be offered fully online in fall 2021;
  • Be open to all undergraduate students, regardless of School/Department or location;
  • Provide access to multiple faculty and subject experts within a single class; and
  • Utilize a mix of asynchronous and synchronous engagement with faculty and course material.

All classes are offered in fall 2021. They are 2 credits, unless otherwise noted. Graduate students interested in auditing a course must check in with the instructor about limits on class participation (e.g. participating in breakout sessions, participating in graded assignments, etc.).

To enroll, log in to Albert, select the “Academic Threads” filter on the right-hand side, and select “Big Ideas course” in the drop-down menu.

Available Courses for Fall 2021


Course Number: TCSM1-UC 3200

"Champions" will cover topics ranging from the importance of team chemistry, the link between winning on the field, and success in the executive suite.

Schedule & Format

  • 14 weeks; Tuesday, 2 - 3:15 pm
  • Pass/Fail
  • Online Lecture


History in the Headlines

Course Number: HIST-UA 70

Professor Guy Ortolano will guide students on how to place today’s headlines within a broader historical and global context, and how to look beyond the surface for the real story.

Schedule & Format

  • 14 weeks; Wednesday, 4:55 - 6:10 pm
  • Graded
  • Online lecture


The Ethics of Big Tech & Social Media: Technoethics

Course Number: DANC-UT 701

This course offers a look at the lack of ethics and affects and effects upon humanity in the development of Big Tech, social media, and the internet. Kicking off with the viewing of the number one documentary on this topic, The Social Dilemma, we will begin a conversation around the impact of social media and technology on our lives and how to address it.

Schedule & Format

  • 14 weeks; Wednesday, 10 - 11:30 am
  • Graded
  • Online lecture