NYU is a large institution with 59,000 students, nearly 8,000 full-time faculty, and over a thousand kinds of degrees and certificates. We are diverse in where our students come from, and where they go when they graduate. We are investing in our online presence to continue the tradition of that diversity. Online courses, certificates, and degrees let us expand the diversity of our educational approach and offerings for new groups of students. 

Online education is a way to take what is marvelous about NYU and expand it, enrolling new people in new places that we couldn’t welcome into the NYU family any other way.
Andrew Hamilton, NYU President

Featured Programs

Online & Hybrid Degrees

NYU is famous for its professional degrees in everything from education and health to law and business. We have invested time, effort, and resources in building some of the best Master’s degrees any university offers online.

Online & Hybrid Certificates

Online learning is more flexible than traditional degrees, allowing us to create many online certificates which are awarded for a course of study larger than a single course, but smaller than a whole degree.

Online Courses

With over a hundred online courses and more added every semester, the easiest way to understand our offerings is through our public course search.