Established in 1987, the Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) highlights New York University's commitment to teaching excellence and is given annually to selected outstanding members of the faculty. Recipients are presented with a research stipend.

Students, faculty, and alumni wishing to submit a nomination are encouraged to contact their School Representative. Nominations are due November 20, 2020.

Final Nominations forwarded by School Representatives to the All-University Selection Committee are due January 29, 2021.

DTA Teaching Awards

2020-2021 Distinguished Teaching Awardees

2020-2021 Distinguished Teaching Award Winners: (top left to bottom right) Chiye Aoki, Professor, Department of Neural Science and Biology, College of Arts & Science; Jennifer Hill, Professor, Department of Applied Statistics and Data Science, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development; A. Ross Kerr, Clinical Professor, Department of Oral Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine, College of Dentistry; Amal Shehata, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Accounting, Leonard N. Stern School of Business; Adam Skolnick, Associate Professor of Medicine, Grossman School of Medicine; Janet Zarish, Associate Arts Professor, Tisch School of Arts.

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