Annual Appointment

Scholars are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress, be in good academic standing, and to participate in program activities, including community service, leadership opportunities, and undergraduate research. Scholars who meet these requirements are reappointed annually.

Group Research

During their first year, Scholars engage in group research projects that encourage Scholars to focus on challenges, obstacles, and successes through the lens of Dr. King and present-day organizations and social agencies. Topics for these projects are chosen based on their own interest in leadership and social justice, such as the prison-industrial complex, police violence, human trafficking, climate change, and more. Scholars share their findings with their peers through creative presentations, and in final end-of-semester written reports.

First-Year Scholars

The centerpiece of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars Program is the Scholars Seminar (SAHS-UE 2). A selected passage from Dr. King's writings serves as the annual theme that the Scholars explore, including through present-day topics and societal issues from multiple perspectives, artistic forms, and expressions. This past year’s theme was framed by the quote, “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Other academic opportunities include:

  • International/Domestic Travel Colloquia
  • Group Research
  • MLK, Jr. Scholars Program Teach-In
  • Community Service-Learning

Upper-Level Scholars

During upper-level years, scholars can apply to be an MLK, Jr. Scholars Program Student Assistant to help with the planning and coordination of select program activities and events. 

Depending on their major and division in which you are enrolled, scholars may participate in departmental honors and/or honors coursework and apply for grants to support independent student research in addition to the grant offered to all MLK Scholars. All Scholars are also invited to participate in National Scholarship competitions and/or University/school leadership opportunities.

Other academic opportunities include:

  • Select MLK, Jr. Scholars Program events/activities
  • NYU Global Study Away
  • University Leadership Initiatives
  • MLK cording ceremony for graduating seniors
  • Election to Honorary Societies
  • Graduation with Latin Honors