Advising Support and Guidelines

The Office of Global Awards offers support and resources for all undergraduate students and alumni at NYU's New York City campuses. For more information about graduate student support please see the bottom of this page.

For awards that require institutional nomination or endorsement, OGA will manage the full application process.  To explore your options or for support on your application, please reach out to the appropriate OGA contact as early as possible.

We are happy to support you in applying for other awards that do not require institutional nomination or endorsement.  OGA can provide guidance in the following areas: choosing an award, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and more.  For these awards, OGA offers the following support:

  • Up to two strategic planning appointments per award per student.
  • Up to three rounds of application review per award per student according to the following guidelines: Three rounds of review if we receive your materials at least six weeks in advance of the national deadline; Two rounds of review if we receive your materials between four and six weeks in advance of the deadline; One round of review if we receive your materials between two and four weeks in advance of the deadline.  We are not able to offer feedback within two weeks of a national deadline.

Global Awards Advisors

Drop-in Office Hours

Please note that due to Covid-19 and in an effort to reduce crowding in our physical office space, drop-in hours will be held via Zoom until further notice. 

For the Fall of 2021 the Office of Global Award will host "drop-in" office hours. Each session will be hosted by a different Global Awards advisor. Students (and Alumni) should expect to be put into a virtual waiting room when they connect to the host's Zoom account. Cancellations and changes will be noted in bold below.

  • Tuesday 12:00 - 3:00pm Eastern Time (Hosted by Yollotl / Link to Zoom)
  • Tuesday 3:00 - 5:00pm Eastern Time (Hosted by Kurt / Link to Zoom
  • Thursday 10:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time (Hosted by Kris / Link to Zoom) Cancelled October 21.
  • Friday, 1:00 - 3:00pm Eastern Time (Hosted by Shirin / Link to Zoom

Individual Appointments

You can make a one-on-one individual appointment to discuss drafts of personal statements, statements of grant purpose or drafted applications in their entirety. Prior to your appointment, please email your advisor any drafts you would like to discuss.

Appointments are scheduled through Google Calendar. After you sign into your Google account, either your NYU account or your personal account, click on the advisor's name below with whom you wish to schedule an appointment.

For individual appointments, you will be given the choice to schedule a meeting in person or via Zoom. 

Advisor Calendar Link E-mail Address
Kurt Davies Kurt's Calendar
Kris Larsen Kris' Calendar
Yollotl Lopez Yollotl's Calendar
Shirin Nadira Shirin's Calendar

NYU’s Writing Center at the Expository Writing Program

The Writing Center offers 45-minute long individual consultations with experienced writing consultants. You can work on drafts of your personal statement or statement of grant purpose with these consultants. Keep in mind that they will not copy-edit your document for you; rather, they will ask questions designed to help you rethink the focus or underlying structure of your argument. If you do have grammatical issues, they will probably address it by pointing out the issue, explaining the rule, and having you correct your own document, with their guidance. Make sure you bring all relevant documentation (including scholarship prompts and outlines) along with hard copies of your drafts; they won’t be familiar with the minutiae of the scholarship to which you’re applying. You can register for an appointment on either the Washington Square or Brooklyn campus.

Graduate Student Support and Resources

Graduate Students at NYU should feel free to use all the resources found under the webpages of the Office of Global Awards. When it comes to speaking with an advisor, graduate students should first contact their school specific advisors for information and support. Note: in many cases graduate fellowship applications are different than undergraduate fellowship applications. Pay close attention to any differences that apply to graduate students.