There are a number of highly competitive and prestigious awards available for students in the sciences and engineering.

Many of these awards contribute towards or pay entirely for tuition and other educational expenses. Beyond this financial support, they offer other crucial resources. Recipients of governmental scholarships such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship and the Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service also benefit from summer research internships, mentoring, and employment placement after graduation.

Internships and supervised research projects are great ways of gaining invaluable work experience and making professional connections. The KPCB Fellowship Program gives design and engineering students a chance to work for Silicon Valley’s top startups, while SURF at Caltech enables qualified candidates to carry out academic research under the guidance of the world’s leading scientists and engineers. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) provides opportunities to be part of research groups at universities and research institutions across Germany. These DAAD sponsored internships do not require German knowledge, as the working language is English.

If you are interested in continuing your studies on a graduate level, you might consider the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which is open to students committed to a career in any STEM fields, or the Hertz Foundation’s Fellowship, which supports outstanding students to pursue a Ph.D. degree in applied physical, biological and engineering sciences.