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Graduate Degree Grants

Deadline NYU Internal Deadline - September 8, 2017
External Deadline - October 6, 2017
(for grants beginning fall 2018)
Eligibility Bachelor's by time of award
Duration   Varies by country, generally 8-12 months

Candidate must

  • be a U.S. citizen
  • be enrolled in a U.S. graduate program or be accepted to a graduate program in one of the host countries


The Fulbright Graduate Degree Grants provide tuition coverage for a graduate degree program, as well as monthly living stipend, health benefits and round-trip airfare. Grants are available in eleven countries, including Australia, Italy, and the UK. The terms and requirements vary by country. Click here to find details on specifications for the participating countries.

In general, applicants are required to either be enrolled in a U.S. master’s or Ph.D. program and secure an affiliation with an institute of higher education in the host country or to gain admission to a graduate program in the host country.

The Fulbright has an excellent website that takes you through all the application steps. It includes checklists, application tips, and webinars. We strongly recommend you consult the website very carefully.

Other support structures offered by the Office of Global Awards at NYU

The Fulbright website will answer all your queries about eligibility etc. If you have a question about the details of your application, please check with the website before emailing us at

If you would like to meet us in-person, please click here for more details.  

Submission Timeline & the Faculty Review Process

The final deadline for Fulbright applications is generally mid-October. Applications are submitted online using the Embark system, which opens for applications from April to mid-October. To begin an application in this time period, click here.

However, there are some important caveats to this final deadline.

  1. You need to decide whether you will apply “under” NYU or “at large.”
  2. If you choose the latter option, you are free to submit right up until the final deadline date. Your application will not need to be evaluated by NYU (see below). However, it also means that you will not have the chance to use NYU’s support structures and resources, nor use the faculty review as a way to strengthen your application. Statistically speaking, you are twice as likely to win a Fulbright if you apply under your school rather than “at-large.”
  3. If you apply “under NYU,” there is an internal mid-September deadline for your application materials. (N.B. If you are part of the FADP, there is a slightly earlier internal deadline. For more details about the FADP, click here.)

This internal deadline is because the NYU Office of Global Awards needs time to convene a faculty committee to interview you and provide an evaluation of your application. This is a requirement, not an option, and we do it at the request of the Fulbright Program.
The interview will take approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled once we receive your application materials. After these interviews are over, you will have a chance to revise and strengthen your application. We will send you detailed outline of this process when you submit in mid-September.