COVID-19: NYSED Options for Clinical Experiences Extensions or Alternative Offerings

Important Note

Please DO NOT reach out to NYSED or submit any forms or documentation on your own.

NYSED has provided institutions impacted by COVID-19 with the following clinical experience options of:  

  • Extension -  requesting an extension for students to complete required clinical hours due to the present coronavirus emergency situation.
    • Please contact with a list of programs you intend to offer clinical experience extensions for.
  • Alternative Offerings -  Filing out a NYSED alternative clinical experience form to request approval from NYSED to use alternative ways to meet the clinical experience requirements.
    • Complete NYSED alternative clinical experience form.  You will need to complete a separate NYSED form for each program that will pursue this option.
    • Submit completed form to

The speedy and effective completion of this process is a top priority for OAPRA, and the team will be available to provide consultation and support if you and your colleagues have school specific questions or need additional help working through the requirements on the form.

Inquiries and requests for consultation meetings can be directed to

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