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When an activity happens in another US state or territory, it can “trigger” the need to request authorization from that state prior to conducting the activity. While some triggering scenarios and activities are obvious (i.e. online courses or non-classroom experiences), many are not. This page offers information about the various scenarios that will trigger the need for state authorization outside of New York State (NYS).

NYU is a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) participating member. This membership provides out-of-state coverage for certain regulated activities in SARA participating states. Not all activities outside of outside of NYS are covered, and therefore require additional authorization.

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Which of My Activities Requires Authorization?

The following scenarios do not have full compliance coverage, and therefore require time to request state authorization. For more information about these requirements and how to move forward with any of them, please contact us.

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Which of My Activities Can Be Conducted in SARA Member Regions?

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Which of My Activities Requires OAPRA Consultation to Determine if Authorization May Be Required?

If your activity is not mentioned in the above categories, then it requires additional consultation with the OAPRA. Examples of activities that require consultation, because they vary school-to-school, are listed below:

  • Field trips
  • Research experiences
  • Independent off-campus study
  • Independent field work
  • Tutoring
  • Any activity not listed on this website occurring outside of New York State


Titilayo Weech

Titilayo Weech
Director, Academic Authorization

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