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Our Approach

NYU’s approach to state authorization is multi-layered, with numerous opportunities for stakeholders to learn about and maintain state authorization compliance. This includes NYU's Annual State Authorization Meeting, annual one-on-one meetings with school liaisons, school consultations, and updates published in newsletters and memos.

State Authorization Liaisons

Ongoing partnerships with NYU school and departmental liaisons provide an important aspect of maintaining state authorization compliance. Please review the list of NYU liaisons to learn of your school’s state authorization contact.

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Annual State Authorization Meeting

This annual, institution-wide event invites each school's and University department's liaison and their colleagues to review current and new regulations that may impact each school. This meeting provides a collaborative opportunity to learn more about state authorization, gain valuable input from guests, and discuss with other schools their approaches to the regulations.

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Liaison Meetings & Consultations

Annual one-on-one school liaison meetings are scheduled each academic year to give every school an opportunity to discuss state authorization in a direct setting. These individualized meetings allow the time and space for each school to learn how state authorization applies to its unique activities.

Consultations with each school are available upon request, in addition to the annual school liaison meetings.

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Each school’s liaison is responsible for reporting their school’s out-of-state activities. This includes submitting the Non-classroom Experience Report to the Office of Institutional Research (IR) once a year. NYU Multi-state authorization liaisons should reach out to our Director of Academic Authorization for additional information.

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Memos are sent to schools and other key stakeholders to keep them informed as new regulations or other important updates develop.


Titilayo Weech

Titilayo Weech
Director, Academic Authorization

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