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Requesting state approval for activities outside of New York State (NYS) is referred to as multi-state authorization. If you have a course or program with any activity or other triggering scenarios occurring outside of New York State, you will need to obtain multi-state authorization from that state. This website will provide guidance on the types of activities approved, and those that may require additional authorization. Every NYU school is unique and requires consultation with the OAPRA to confirm whether their activities require additional authorization.

State Authorization Overview

Learn more about multi-state authorization and when it might affect you or your program, NYU’s participation in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), and how our department maintains compliance.

NYU State Authorization Liaisons

Each NYU school designates a liaison responsible for working closely with OAPRA to understand and internally share important updates about state authorization regulations. Liaisons also annually report school activity to OAPRA to ensure ongoing compliance.

Statement of Compliance

NYU has made/is making a good-faith effort and is complying with any applicable state approval or licensure requirements in each state in which it operates in the following ways:

  • NYU maintains its SARA membership for applicable activities in other states
  • NYU is completing applications to be authorized when necessary
  • NYU has procedures for tracking the changing requirements in states


Titilayo Weech

Titilayo Weech
Director, Academic Authorization

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