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First Steps

To begin the process of adding or changing an Undergraduate program you’ll first complete the following steps:

School Approvals

Obtain and document all necessary school specific approvals

OAPRA Consultation

Meet with OAPRA for a brief consultation

Committee Approval

Obtain Undergraduate Program Committee approval, if required

UPC Info
OAPRA Review

Submit a complete proposal to OAPRA for review and submission to NYSED

Important Note

Advertising, marketing, or otherwise promoting a new program or curriculum prior to full NYSED approval and registration is strictly prohibited per New York State Education Department rules and regulations.

Next Steps

The requirements for adding and changing a program will differ based on the curriculum’s focus. Programs fall into three major categories.

If you are unsure of your program’s category, visit the Licensed Profession and Teacher Certification pages for more information. Programs NOT in these categories are considered General Academic.

Undergraduate Program Committee

The Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC) advises the Provost on proposals for new undergraduate majors and degree programs and certain program changes, as well as for cross-school minors.

In order to begin the new program or program change process, UPC approval must be secured.



OAPRA Contact Card