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NYU offers a variety of non-degree programs such as certificates, diplomas, and others. If any of these non-degree programs confer credit, NYSED registration is required.

Important Note

Certificates are not considered degree-conferring programs. Consequently, all certificate programs and courses must be attached to an existing program that confers an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree.

First Steps

To begin the process of adding or changing a Certificate program, please make sure you've completed the following steps:

School Approvals

Obtain and document all necessary school specific approvals

OAPRA Consultation

Meet with OAPRA for a brief consultation

Next Steps

This page will outline the specific forms and documents that will satisfy the remaining NYSED and NYU requirements. Here’s what’s next:

OAPRA Review

Submit a complete proposal to OAPRA for review and submission to NYSED

NYSED Review

New York State Education Department reviews proposal for approval

NYU Processing

School, registrar, and other NYU stakeholder notification of approval

Important Note

Advertising, marketing, or otherwise promoting a new program or curriculum prior to full NYSED approval and registration is strictly prohibited per New York State Education Department rules and regulations.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure success and a smooth and timely review process, please be sure to follow these guidelines no matter what kind of proposal you are submitting. Neglecting these steps will result in more revisions and a longer turnaround time.

  • All required NYU and NYSED documents are complete and submitted in a single email to oapra@nyu.edu for the initial proposal submission
  • If a subsequent round of revisions is required, a complete proposal with all required NYU and NYSED documents is submitted in a single email
  • All necessary documents are submitted in Word document format, except syllabi (submitted as PDF)

Add a Program

What Kind of Program Are You Adding?

General Academic or Licensed Profession (No Licensure)

Licensed Profession (Grants Licensure)

Teacher Certification

If the proposed certificate program will lead to teacher certification, return to the Add or Change a Program page and follow the instructions to the process for completing either a new undergraduate level or new master’s level program leading to teacher certification; the former if your certificate is composed of undergraduate courses or the latter if graduate courses.

Change a Program

All changes to a certificate program require NYSED notification.

What Kind of Program Are You Changing?

General Academic

Licensed Profession

Teacher or Educational Leader Certification

School Psychologist or PPS

Add a Distance Education Format

If you would like to allow the students in your program to take 50% or more of their program requirements online or in some kind of distance format, you must register a Distance Education Format with NYSED.


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