The process for adding a new program or making changes to one that already exists can be complicated, with nuanced differences depending on the degree level and curricular focus of the program. We're here to help you navigate this process as easily and successfully as possible.

Below is a generalized outline of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) registration process that must be completed before offering many types of new programs and program changes.

1. School Approvals

Obtain & document all necessary school specific approvals | Timeline varies per school.

2. OAPRA Consultation

Contact OAPRA to schedule a brief consultation | Timeline varies per school.

3. Committee Approval

If required, obtain Undergraduate or Graduate Program Committee approval | Allow 4-6 months.

4. OAPRA Review

Submit completed proposal to OAPRA for review and submission to NYSED | Allow 2-4 months.

5. NYSED Review

NYSED reviews proposal for approval | Allow 3-6 months.*

6. NYU Processing

Internal NYU processing | Allow 1-2 weeks following NYSED approval.

* NYSED reviews proposals in the order in which they are received, and seeks to allot its efforts equitably across all NYS institutions. The review timeline can be unpredictable; based on OAPRA office historical data, we recommend building at least three months for NYSED review, although there are cases where the review takes much shorter or longer. NYSED recommends submitting proposals in order of approval priority in order to optimize review time for critical proposals.

Important Note

Advertising, marketing, or otherwise promoting a new program or curriculum prior to full NYSED approval and registration is strictly prohibited per New York State Education Department rules and regulations.

Pick Your Program

Whether you want to add a new program or propose changes to an existing one, different degree levels have unique requirements, forms, and other considerations. Select the academic level of your program and follow the website instructions for more on what will be required:


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