The steering committee is comprised of the Self-Study Leadership Team and the Working Group Co-chairs. The eighteen member team is responsible for the governance, leadership and ultimate execution of self-study.

Self-Study Co-Chairs

Photo of Diana Arpino

Diana Arpino
Self-Study Co-Chair

Vice Provost of Academic Program Review & Doctoral Affairs, Office of the Provost

Photo of Wendy Suzuki

Wendy Suzuki
Self-Study Co-Chair

Dean, College of Arts and Science; Professor of Neural Science, Faculty of Arts and Science

NYU’s Vice Provost Diana Arpino and the College of Arts and Science's Dean Wendy Suzuki, are the co-chairs of the 2024 self-study, charged with successfully leading the University through all stages of the self-study process and culminating in the reaffirmation of NYU’s accreditation with MSCHE. 

Self-Study Leadership Team

Photo of David Campbell

David Campbell
Accreditation Manager

Solutions Lead for Academic Programs, NYU Information Technology

Image of Heather Brathwaite

Heather Brathwaite
Senior Project Manager

Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment; Office of the Provost

Picture of Lina Janas

Lina Janas
Accreditation Director

Director, Academic Initiatives, Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment; Office of the Provost

The self-study leadership team supports the self-study co-chairs, ensuring smooth communication and progress across all the study’s moving parts.

Steering Committee & Working Groups

A stellar group of faculty and administrators co-chair six working groups consisting of tenured/tenure-track faculty, contract faculty, administrators and students. The groups are oriented around key institutional priorities for NYU,  generating evidence-based recommendations to make NYU better in the future. A seventh working group consisting of students and administrators is dedicated to implementing inclusive and interesting opportunities to engage the NYU community throughout the study.

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Support of the Student Experience

Photo of Bethany Godsoe

Bethany Godsoe

Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Student Affairs

Image of books to replace Image of Karen Shimakawa

Karen Shimakawa

Co-Associate Dean of Faculty Services and Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts

Educational Effectiveness 

Photo of Armanda Lewis

Armanda Lewis

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Science

Photo of Kimberly Johnson

Kimberley Johnson

Interim Chair of Social and Cultural Analysis; Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis; Professor of Wilf Family Department of Politics, Faculty of Arts & Science; Affiliated Faculty, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service


Photo of Peter Holm

Peter Holm

Associate Vice President and Senior Advisor to the President for Strategy and Plannning

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; Professor of Mechanical Engineering, NYU Abu Dhabi


Photo of Elise Cappella

Elise Cappella

Vice Provost for University-wide Initiatives & Graduate Education, Vice Dean for Research at Steinhardt, Professor of Applied Psychology

Photo of Stacie Bloom

Stacie Bloom

Vice Provost for Research; Chief Research Officer, Office of the Provost



Photo of Rosemonde Pierre-Louis

Rosemonde Pierre-Louis

Executive Director, McSilver Institute for Poverty, Policy and Research

Photo of Vincent Sountherland

Vincent Southerland

Co-Faculty Director, Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law; Assistant Professor of Clinical Law, School of Law


Photo of David Vintinner

David Vintinner

Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research

Photo of Tracey Gardner

Tracey Gardner

Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, Office of the President

Community Engagement

Photo of David Campbell

David Campbell
Accreditation Manager

Solutions Lead for Academic Programs, NYU Information Technology

Photo of Natalie Hidalgo

Natalie Hidalgo
Community Engagement Officer

Chief Information Officer, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development