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3800+ direct contributions from students, faculty and staff representing perspectives from all corners of the university

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Your hope for NYU and your proudest moment at NYU

800+ community responses from students, faculty, administrators, and alumni, answering “What is your one hope for NYU?” and “What is your proudest NYU moment?”.  Here's a sample of what you shared:

"I'm extremely proud of the work I did alongside other administrators and faculty during the pandemic. We made some extremely quick pivots and tough decisions in March 2020-August 2021."
"I hope NYU can continue to evolve as a hub of culture and global perspective. I want to watch NYU grow as a university that effectively pulls from all areas of expertise to shape an interdisciplinary, innovative, and inspiring future for the world."
 "I love seeing the NYU logo all over the [city]. Seeing it in train stations, in the New York City skyline, on buildings. It makes me feel like I’m part of this incredible institution."
"[I hope] NYU will continue to prioritise its global campuses/study away centers, and encourage students to experience different countries/cultures as an integral part of their education."


Self-Study Roadshows

In Fall 2021 through Spring 2023, self-study teams met with hundreds of NYU community members representing various faculty, student, and administrative consituent groups. The purpose of these engagements was to raise awareness, educate on the process, and to collect insight and feedback to support the substantive work of self-study.

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