Ongoing program-level assessment of student learning outcomes is expected of all active degree- and certificate-granting programs. Updated assessment reports must be submitted annually to each school’s designated Assessment Council liaison(s).

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Assessment Requirements
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Annual Reporting Cycle Timeline

Assessment Requirements

You must submit an annual assessment report that answers four key questions. How you submit your assessment report is up to you; there is no required format. These are the questions your assessment report must address:

What learning outcome did you assess?

Assess at least one outcome each year

What data did you use?

Identify the specific data used as evidence for each assessment and include at least one direct measure of student learning

What did you find?

Summarize the results from your assessment

How are you using the findings?

Specify how your program will use the results to improve student learning

While there is no required format for your assessment reports, we do have the following optional reporting templates if you would like to use them as a starting point.

Assessment Council Liaisons

Each school has a designated Associate Dean or Director responsible for disseminating updates and information, sharing resources, and collecting annual assessment reports from their active programs.

Additional Considerations

Does your program fall into one of these categories? If so, use this section to find out what additional requirements you may need to consider.

Annual Reporting Cycle Timeline





Amy Becker

Amy Becker
Academic Assessment Officer

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