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Academic assessment is the process of using evidence to understand and improve student learning in academic programs. At its core, it is a collaborative form of research designed to answer one simple question—did students learn what they should have upon completing a program? Most important, assessment provides faculty with diagnostic information about gaps in student learning that can be used to tailor efforts for program and curricular improvement.

Assessment at NYU

At NYU, all active degree and certificate-granting programs annually assess the extent to which students are mastering the program-level learning outcomes expected of them in the following ways:

  • Programs are encouraged to select assessment and reporting methods appropriate for their disciplines;
  • Programs summarize their data, results, and how they are using the findings in an annual report submitted to their School’s Assessment Council liaison; and
  • School liaisons serve on the NYU Academic Assessment Council and meet regularly to discuss progress with academic assessment and assessment best practices. 

Requirements & Deadlines

Any active program that grants a degree or certificate is expected to conduct program-level assessment of student learning outcomes. Learn more about what is required and the deadlines for reporting outcomes.

How Do You Assess a Program?

Academic assessment is a cyclical process comprised of three steps, each informing one another as evolving goals and insights continue to help improve programs and—ultimately—students' educations.


Amy Becker
Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Program Review, Assessment and Accreditation