Program Changes

STEP 1: OAPRA Notification

  • Notify OAPRA of ANY intended changes to existing programs
  • OAPRA determines whether changes require NYSED registration and/or UPC approval for undergraduate programs. If not, the registrar will be notified that the changes may be made without registration. If so:

STEP 2: NYU School Proposal Development and Submission

  • Submit to OAPRA:
  1. Proof of required Dean’s Office approval of changes from the NYU submitting school(s) and/or UPC Approval, if necessary;
  2. Completed NYSED Proposal;
  3. Non-NYS Authorization Form;
  4. Revised Assessment Plan, if the proposed program change will also change the program’s student learning outcomes.

    NOTE: Proposals will not be reviewed until ALL aforementioned documentation has been provided to OAPRA

STEP 3: OAPRA Proposal Review, Revision, And Submission

  • OAPRA Reviews, Revises, and Finalizes submitted documents in collaboration with the submitting NYU school(s)
  • OAPRA submits completed, finalized proposal to NYSED for Approval

STEP 4: Proposal Approval And Change Implementation

  • NYSED Reviews and Approves (build in at least 3-5 months for this process to compensate for unexpected delays with the state)
  • NYU submitting school(s) may implement proposed changes