Internships, externships, field experience, clinicals, practicums, student teaching and medical clerkships

Specific states have classified "on the ground" educational activities, even when part of a distance education course or program, as constituting a physical presence and need for authorization within their state. If a student is completing any non-classroom component or general requirement for any program outside of New York State, authorization within the specific state may be required prior to completion of the educational activity. This includes internships, externships, clinicals, practicums, student teaching and medical clerkships. 

*NYU is currently a SARA member which allows up to 10 students per site per program in SARA member states and territories.  Additional non-higher education regulations may apply.  Please contact in order to confirm.

WARNING: If you are seeking information to place a student in any non-classroom experience for a program in a licensed profession, please contact Lina Janusas at, to inquire about potential additional compliance items that may be required.