Fall 2020 dates for final exams and student departure at global academic centers do not necessarily align with the degree-granting campuses. For students taking campus courses remotely, it is possible to have a final scheduled after the exam and student departure dates at their global site. Students should take this into account before booking round trip tickets.

Fourteen-week courses span Fall/Spring Semester I and Fall/Spring Semester II. Seven-week courses take place in either Fall/Spring I or Fall/Spring II. A typical course schedule includes a combination of seven-week and fourteen-week classes. Four-week courses span the summer term. The semester calendars can be found on the NYU Abu Dhabi website here:

For Fall 2021, students must plan to arrive on August 24 (early or late arrival is NOT permitted). The mandatory on-site orientation will be held over 3 days.

Participation in all classes and program activities is mandatory. Please do not plan any personal trips within the program dates until after arriving and confirming your syllabi. Exams cannot be taken early, which is true of all students including graduating seniors. The expectation is that you will be there for the full program.

Additionally, housing is only available for the term dates. If you plan to arrive early or depart later, you are responsible for your own accommodations.