Undergraduate Research Assistantship and Art Apprenticeship Award

NYU Abu Dhabi invites students from NYU in New York and NYU Shanghai to apply for competitive Undergraduate Research and Art Apprenticeships. These opportunities create a platform for visiting students to contribute to an ongoing research project or serve as an apprentice under the supervision of an NYUAD faculty member, who will serve as a mentor, collaborator, and role model.

In addition to access to state-of-the-art research facilities and performance spaces on campus, students will be eligible for an assistantship award of up to $3,000 USD. $1,000 USD will be applied towards the required meal plan on campus. The remaining funding of up to $2,000 USD for the semester will be paid on a monthly basis as assistantship payments (based on hours worked) for the student’s contribution to the assigned project.

The positions span a number of disciplines within the Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Science, and Social Sciences. Please review the Visiting Student Undergraduate Research Assistantship and Art Apprenticeship page.

Research Spotlight

Gayatri, Dorothy and Joanna recognized for their groundbreaking research during their semester in Abu Dhabi.

NYU Students nominated for Global Symposium Spotlight

Tandon Students Nominated for NYU Global Symposium

Students in a lab

Students in a lab

Spring MCAT Preparation and Pre-Health Seminar

As part of a pre-health focused, spring semester abroad at NYU Abu Dhabi, students from NYU New York and NYU Shanghai can apply to be part of a competitive pre-health cohort that receives professional MCAT preparation funded by NYUAD as well as an introduction to the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi, including visits to healthcare-related organizations.

Learn more about eligibility criteria and apply here!


Visiting students are eligible to take part in undergraduate research opportunities that will help them develop meaningful relationships with faculty and allow them to advance their undergraduate careers.

Examples of student research experiences include:

  • Atmospheric conditions over Greenland glaciers as inferred from 10-year weather stations observations
  • Art, migration, and human rights
  • Biomimetic structure replicating the lizard tail autotomy
  • Comparative analysis of the Last Planner System and Scrum
  • Development of a computational tool for SNP annotation
  • Drone capturing aerial netting system
  • Design of deep learning techniques in adversarial conditions for self-driving cars
  • Environment and land-use dynamics in western Sogdiana between the Early Iron and the Middle Ages (archaeological, paleoclimatic, and historical studies)
  • Historical and ethnographic research on ghettos and the homeless of New York city
  • Ideological positions of Kenyan judges on the High Court and Supreme Court
  • Kill thy Communist neighbor? Protestantism, anti-communism and political conservation in Korea
  • The development of a virtual reality immersive museum simulation
  • The political determinants of lynching
  • Effects of network topology on traffic performance at the urban scale
  • Haptic-based VR museum
  • Kinetic installation development
  • Microwave Induced Plasma Gasification (MIPG) of waste materials
  • Paper-based filter for water purifications
  • Van Dyck crystals
  • XENON Dark Matter Program
  • Arabic translation
  • Research Assistant exploring electoral access in Africa
  • Archiving and Heritage Mapping
  • Documenting Trends in Higher Education
  • Gulf History
  • Climate Change, Political Economy and Connectivity in the Red Sea Region
  • Data Collection and Analysis of Euroscepticism
  • Research assistant researching ethnicity and violence in South Asia

Global Awards

Global awards are highly-competitive, merit-based opportunities that are conducted at a national or international level. As visiting students at NYU Abu Dhabi, you will be able to take advantage of active, hands-on, and individualized help with your applications.