NYU Abu Dhabi has a superb faculty based full-time in Abu Dhabi as well as affiliated faculty from across NYU’s campuses and visiting faculty from other outstanding universities. NYU Abu Dhabi’s 320+ faculty members from 45+ countries are scholars, scientists, and artists who are proven and innovative teachers as well as leaders of international standing in their fields.


Faculty Spotlight

Arts and Humanities

Professor Aaron Shewrood

Aaron Sherwood

Courses taught: Introduction to IM, Decoding Nature, Live Coding, Sensors, Body and Motion, A.rt I.ntel

Professor Maya Kesrouany

Maya Kesrouany

Courses taught: Introduction to Modern Arab Literature, Imagination, Inspiration, and Prophecy, The Hero, State of the Nation, Foundations of Literature II: Lyric Poetry and the Novel

Social Sciences

Professor Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman

Courses Taught: Business and Technology, Data Analysis

Professor May Al-Dabbagh

May Al-Dabbagh

Courses Taught: Introduction to Public Policy, Women and Work in the Gulf, Making Women Matter: Case Studies from the GCC


Professor Hoda Al Khzaimi

Hoda Al Khzaimi

Courses Taught: Research Seminar in Computer Science, Computer Security

Professor Ozgur Sinanoglu

Ozgur Sinanoglu

Courses Taught: Digital Logic, Advanced Digital Logic, Fundamentals of Discrete Math, Selected Topics in Information and Computational Systems


Professor Joseph Gelfand

Joseph Gelfand

Courses Taught: Life in the Universe, Electromagnetism and Special Relativity, Mechanics, General Relativity, X-Ray Astronomy Lab, Foundations of Science

Professor Talal Rahwan

Talal Rahwan

Courses Taught: Data Science, Computational Social Science