NYU Abu Dhabi is one of NYU’s three degree-granting campuses. With over 600 courses across 26 majors, NYU Abu Dhabi students from over 120 countries work together in small classes—averaging about 14 students—that are conducive to deep intellectual engagement and personal growth.

Located on the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a vibrant center of culture and commerce in the Middle East, but more than that, Abu Dhabi is a lively city, full of soul, and home to a diverse, unique population hailing from everywhere from the Arab world to the South Asian subcontinent, the Philippines, Africa, Europe, and beyond.

NYUAD provides you with access to courses ranging from engineering and the social sciences to the sciences, arts, and humanities, but the magic lies in what life beyond the classroom looks like. On campus, your average day can take you from a cutting-edge research laboratory or engineering design studio to an experimental black box theater or woodworking shop. In the city, your days can be spent at historic parts of the city like Hamdan Street, taking a stroll across fish markets and vegetable souqs, exploring the city’s emerging art scene—from grassroots art galleries to the Louvre Abu Dhabi— or drinking karak chai in a small, corner shop. In Abu Dhabi, nights are spent camping under the stars in the desert, and afternoons are spent kayaking in the Mangrove National Forest.

If you study abroad at NYU Abu Dhabi, you will experience being a part of a tight-knit, on-campus community. With over 70 student clubs, outstanding gym and athletic facilities, welcoming spaces to connect with fellow students and professors, as well as countless internships, research, and volunteering opportunities to choose from, you will create ties that will go beyond your time in Abu Dhabi.

Cost Per Semester (Academic Year 23-24)

Undergraduate tuition: $30,219

Housing and Meal Plan: $5,900*

Students pay their individual school tuition, which may differ by college. For comparison to other global locations, including New York, a cost estimation chart is available on the costs and financial aid page.

*Housing rate for AY 23-24. Enrollment in the meal plan is mandatory and included with housing on campus. More details on the meal plan can be found here.

Academic Calendar: Fall/ January Term/ Spring/ Summer/ Full Year

Student Body: Over 2000 students

Housing: Furnished residence halls

Meals: Full meal plan

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 3.67 Dirham

Students interested in earning their degree at NYU Abu Dhabi should follow the procedures shared by the NYU Abu Dhabi Undergraduate Admission Office