Visitors must be sponsored by a current NYU student, faculty member, or employee. A visitor includes someone who does not have an NYU NetID or an NYUCard.  This can be one-time guests, visiting scholars, guest lecturers, conference attendees, NYU alumni, or business vendors who provide goods or services to the University and are visiting campus temporarily.

Langone/School of Medicine employees and students may enter NYU downtown buildings using their Langone ID card.

NYU faculty, employees, or students who need to sponsor a visitor should follow the instructions below.

Sponsoring Visitors

Sponsors must submit an Access Request Form through NYU’s visitor management system each time a visitor or vendor needs access to NYU buildings or activities (including unexpected, last-minute visits). If you are sponsoring NYU alumni, you must use their non-NYU email for the request.

You, as the sponsor, and your visitor(s) will be notified via email when their visit access request has been received and processed. If you don’t receive the email, search your email folders (including spam) for “NYU Campus Safety” or ”VEOCI”.

Visitors will then be added to the relevant Campus Safety visitor access list(s) and will need to present a government-issued photo ID card to the Campus Safety officer for entry (children under 18 can provide non-government identification).

Sponsoring Long-Term Recurring Visits

Current NYU faculty members and employees who want to facilitate long-term recurring access to campus may choose to onboard external guests as affiliates through NYU’s affiliate management system. Once your affiliate has their NYUCard, they only need to tap into their authorized buildings or present their NYUCard to a Campus Safety Officer.  

To update NYUCard access privileges for your affiliate (once their NYUCard has been picked up), please submit a request through CampusSafetyLink.

Sponsorship Options for Events

Event hosts may use either of the following options for managing building access for events involving external attendees:

  • Option 1: designed to accommodate larger events that are open to the public
    • Event hosts should write to, sending the event’s name, date, time, and location (building and, if applicable, room number).  
    • Event hosts must have staff placed at the entrance to the building where their event will take place to work alongside Campus Safety Officers to facilitate access.
    • Event staff should maintain a sign-in sheet.
  • Option 2: best for events using advance registration/RSVP
    • Event hosts use NYU’s visitor management system (Veoci) to sponsor the affiliates, vendors, and/or visitors who will attend the event. External attendees will present a government-issued ID to the Campus Safety Officer at the entrance to the event.
    • Event hosts may have staff placed at the entrance to the building where their event will take place to work alongside Campus Safety Officers to facilitate access.

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • If the activity takes place in an NYU building, sponsors must greet visitors and vendors at the entrance, escort them, and ensure they exit the NYU building at the end of their visit. (Affiliates with NYUCards do not need to be escorted.)
  • Individuals will only be allowed to enter the buildings specified by their sponsor on the Access Request Form.
  • If the building or activity does not have a Campus Safety Officer, or the activity is not located in an NYU building, the sponsor’s department/school is responsible for coordinating and verifying access of their vendors and visitors.  
  • Residence hall hosts and guests must also follow the residence hall guest policy.