Located near Washington Square Park in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village, NYU New York is the cornerstone of the University. We hope that all our students spend at least a semester here, and hope their families have the chance to visit as well.

NYU Traveler's Preferred Hotels page lists hotels that give NYU-related discounts to NYU community members. NYU Traveler is a web-based portal that is linked to NYU's Department of Campus Safety service. All members of the NYU community may utilize the site to either make their travel arrangements or to register the travel plans they made through other means.

No matter where you stay, we hope you enjoy your visit to New York University and take advantage of the wonderful resources the City has to offer.

We can also give you an idea of where to look when you're looking at hotels.  Here's a brief overview:

Greenwich Village

Falls Between These Streets: 14th Street in the north, down to Houston Street

Includes These Neighborhoods: the West Village and the East Village

This is where we are and staying here might be expensive, but getting to and from freshmen dorms is easy.

We say "Howston", not "Hewston" just so you know.

Looking Downtown in Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

Falls Between These Streets:  Houston Street to the north and the bottom of Manhattan in the south.

Neighborhoods include: SoHo, Little Italy, Lower East Side, Chinatown, TriBeCa, Financial District, and Battery Park City.

Hotels in these areas will require a long walk or a subway ride to get to the Washington Square area, and if you're coming from the Lower East Side pay special close attention to where those trains are.  Some of them are going to be a long way from your hotel.

City Hall

Looking Uptown in Manhattan

14th Street to 42th Street

Neighborhoods Include: Chelsea, Union Square, Garment District, Murray Hill, Flatiron District

Hotels in this area will most likely require travel by public transportation or by car to get to the Washington Square area.

42nd Street to 59th Street / Midtown

Neighborhoods Include: Midtown and the bottom of Central Park

Hotels in this area will require travel by public transportation or by car to get to the Washington Square area.

Upper West or Upper East Side

You are going to need to take a train downtown, which will take you about 30-40 minutes.

What About Brooklyn?

NYU Tandon School of Engineering is located in Brooklyn Heights. It takes 15-25 minutes to travel by train from the Washington Square Campus to Brooklyn Heights, and can longer to travel to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn.