Technology-Enhanced Education

Faculty Committee on the Future of Technology-Enhanced Education at NYU

Committee Charge

The charge for this group is to facilitate the process of developing a vision for the future of teaching and learning at the University, especially as it relates to the use of technology innovations.

To that end, the committee:

  • promotes experimentation in the schools with technology-enhanced approaches to teaching and research, consulting broadly with faculty, students, and staff;
  • identifies and promotes existing projects and future opportunities to explore and assess the pedagogical benefits associated with the use of technology to support teaching and learning objectives;
  • identifies and promotes best practices for course design and instruction using technology, and for institutional support of technology-enhanced education;
  • develops means for assessing technology-enhanced courses, in consultation with experts in assessment and technology-enhanced education from within or outside the University, and promotes the sharing of these assessments across the schools;
  • makes recommendations for instructional technology improvements to the Teaching Technology Committee;
  • educates faculty on how decisions are made in this area at NYU; and
  • reviews individual schools’ initiatives in technology-enhanced education, to determine if a University-level strategy emerges and to prepare the University to respond to both challenges and opportunities that arise in this area.


  • Matthew Santirocco - FAS, Classics; Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Jan Plass - Steinhardt, Administration, Leadership, and Technology
  • Mark Alter - Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Senators Council; Steinhardt, Teaching and Learning
  • Anthony Appiah - FAS; Philosophy, Law
  • Thomas Augst - Provostial appointee; FAS, English
  • Andrew Battista - Libraries
  • Joshua Blank - Law
  • John Burt - NYU Abu Dhabi, Biology
  • Elena Cunningham - Dentistry
  • Jonathan Hay - Institute of Fine Arts
  • Sebastian Heath - Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
  • Mitchell Joachim - Gallatin
  • Selin Kalaycioglu - Courant/FAS, Mathematics
  • Pete Voltz - Engineering
  • Mary Killilea - Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council; FAS, Biology
  • Russ Neuman - Provostial appointee; Steinhardt, Administration, Leadership, and Technology
  • Lori Nicholas - Liberal Studies
  • Joyce O’Connor - Dentistry; Global Public Health
  • Dan O’Sullivan - Tisch School of the Arts, ITP
  • Antonios Saravanos - SPS; McGhee
  • Dan Shiffman - Provostial appointee; Tisch School of the Arts, ITP
  • Clay Shirky - NYU Shanghai, Interactive Media Arts; Tisch School of the Arts, ITP; FAS, Journalism
  • Judith Siegal - Silver School of Social Work
  • Andrew Sinclair - Wagner
  • Larry Slater - Nursing
  • Kristen Sosulski - Stern, Information Systems
  • Marc Triola - Medicine
Student Representative
  • Akash Das - SSC/CAS
Ex Officio
  • Len Peters - Information Technology
  • Yanoula Athanassakis - Provost's Office
  • Jason Korenkiewicz - Information Technology
  • Ben Maddox - Information Technology
  • Ryan Poynter - Provost's Office