What better metropolis than New York City as the location and NYU as the institution to develop and perfect the study of the science of cities—crunched from the massive amount of data now available on infrastructure, environment and citizens. The Center for Urban Science and Progress—CUSP for short—is the interdisciplinary hub that combines the expertise from self-proclaimed Urban Geeks, otherwise known as faculty of, among others, the schools of engineering and business along with NYU’s massive computing capabilities to create Urban Infomatics, which brings all the data together, analyses it and extracts actionable info. Information that practically all of New York City’s myriad agencies—with which NYU maintains direct relationships—are hungry to utilize. With more and more of the world’s population continuing gravitating to urban areas, learning what works to keep cities alive and healthy makes perfect sense. And, as usual, NYU and New York City are on the CUSP of the new science.