Young girl learning to build a glowing pin with circuits, LEDs, and laser cutouts.

Located in Brooklyn's growing center of tech industry,​ ​NYU's MakerSpace gives students of all ages -​ ​ranging from K-12 STEM students to NYU undergrads and graduate students​ ​-​​ ​an opportunity to take advantage of NYU Tandon’s core mission of placing technology in service to society by encouraging invention, innovation, and ​en​trepreneurship. At the MakerSpace, students can transform their creativity into reality​ ​with cutting-edge tool​​s,​ ​which include​ ​everything from 3D printers to an electro-dynamic shaker to a powerful laser cutter​​. This fall, the MakerSpace was pleased to host a​ ​STEM​​ activity day for K-12 students from the community​ ​that featured hands-on projects, activities,​​ and demonstrations from NYU's academic programs located in Brooklyn​.

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