If necessity is the mother of invention, emerging photographers and videographers who need cameras, lenses and supporting equipment to realize what they have imagined should consider Kristina Budelis (ITP ’15) as the godmother of creativity. “Why,” wondered Kristina when she was at NYU’s ITP, “isn’t there an AirBnB-type company for production equipment?” ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts provided the right environment for Kristina to develop an answer to the question and KitSplit, an online exchange of people who need production gear with those who own it, was born. Not too long after, fellow ITP graduate Ken Amarit (ITP ’15) came on board to help Kristina grow KitSplit. And, according to Ken, Brooklyn—where all three of KitSplit’s founders live—provides a continuing inspiring environment. On any given day on his way to work, he passes numerous productions in progress: from small one-camera shoots to full-on studio productions. Creativity is at home in Brooklyn.